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  1. I showed a friend a photo of the RTX 3080 and he said it looks like a sand glass 😂

    Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 release date, price, specs and pre-order | Tom's  Guide

  2. I just have to share this video. No context needed

  3. I recoment a the msi b450 tomahawk max instead of your b450m. Also the ryzen 7 2700x is 10$ extra and gives you a little more power. Pcpartpicker has for some reason removed these products removed from there list but you can find them on amazon or newegg. In total all of this saves you 8$ and costs you 10$ so for 2$ extra you get a quite a bit more pc. .
  4. I found that you have 175 mm of space so I have a list on pcpartpicker: the link This is a list of all posible psu's
  5. How mutch space do you have for a psu?
  6. My vacation starts in 4 days I can't wait!

    1. gloop


      Enjoy it!

    2. Mardax007



  7. If posible upgrade you psu just to be sure.
  8. 1. WINDOWS 7!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 2. Have you tryed a other screen? If it is still yellow-ish it is the pc else your monitor is 1.broken 2. has a setting enabled like night mode. If the new screen doesn't fix it I don't know how you can fix it in windows.
  9. I think that if you go for a new system with DDR4-3200 Mhz memory, Ryzen cpu and a b450 motherboard the performance leap will be quite big but it isn't 100% the memory the cpu and motherboard are I think bottlenecking the gpu. I don't know how mutch the memory is bottlenecking but a entire system upgrade(apart from the graficscard) will be worth it. A year a go I went from a 7 year old prebuild to a 800$ new pc and I went from 10 to 60 fps to 100 to 440 fps in minecraft. I think that if you upgrade your gpu can sine and your performance will be better.
  10. Buy a ryzen and spent the extra money on memory, a higherend graficscard, storage or the best choice RGB!!!
  11. Doing some training. HoG is has really fast training. Going thru 6200 photo's in 30 minutes. Before it was 7 hours!
  12. I have done it. I needed to set the methode to HoG is stead of CNN. Now it is blazing fast! Full code coming soon.
  13. Face recognition project is heading in the right direction!!! 😀

    Still not done though: linustechtips.com/face identification

  14. Yes me to. Haven't figured out what is exactly out what it is but as said above I already have a face detection and id programs. Thanks for the tip!
  15. Thanks for the face detection code but it already had that. I was looking for a face recognition program with deep learning. And I found it yesterday. But there is one problem: # python recognize_faces_image.py --encodings encodings.pickle --image examples/example_01.png # import the necessary packages import face_recognition import argparse import pickle import cv2 # construct the argument parser and parse the arguments ap = argparse.ArgumentParser() ap.add_argument("-e", "--encodings", required=True, help="path to serialized db of facial encodings") ap.add_argument("-i", "--image", required=True, help="path to input image") ap.add_argument("-d", "--detection-method", type=str, default="cnn", help="face detection model to use: either `hog` or `cnn`") args = vars(ap.parse_args()) # load the known faces and embeddings print("[INFO] loading encodings...") data = pickle.loads(open(args["encodings"], "rb").read()) # load the input image and convert it from BGR to RGB image = cv2.imread(args["image"]) rgb = cv2.cvtColor(image, cv2.COLOR_BGR2RGB) # detect the (x, y)-coordinates of the bounding boxes corresponding # to each face in the input image, then compute the facial embeddings # for each face print("[INFO] recognizing faces...") boxes = face_recognition.face_locations(rgb, model=args["detection_method"]) encodings = face_recognition.face_encodings(rgb, boxes) # initialize the list of names for each face detected names = [] # loop over the facial embeddings for encoding in encodings: # attempt to match each face in the input image to our known # encodings matches = face_recognition.compare_faces(data["encodings"], encoding) name = "Unknown" # check to see if we have found a match if True in matches: # find the indexes of all matched faces then initialize a # dictionary to count the total number of times each face # was matched matchedIdxs = [i for (i, b) in enumerate(matches) if b] counts = {} # loop over the matched indexes and maintain a count for # each recognized face face for i in matchedIdxs: name = data["names"][i] counts[name] = counts.get(name, 0) + 1 # determine the recognized face with the largest number of # votes (note: in the event of an unlikely tie Python will # select first entry in the dictionary) name = max(counts, key=counts.get) # update the list of names names.append(name) # loop over the recognized faces for ((top, right, bottom, left), name) in zip(boxes, names): # draw the predicted face name on the image cv2.rectangle(image, (left, top), (right, bottom), (0, 255, 0), 2) y = top - 15 if top - 15 > 15 else top + 15 cv2.putText(image, name, (left, y), cv2.FONT_HERSHEY_SIMPLEX, 0.75, (0, 255, 0), 2) # show the output image cv2.imshow("Image", image) cv2.waitKey(0) Line 32 where boxes is defined takes 28 seconds to define and that's way to long. Is there any way to define it outside the function or make the process faster? My and goal is this: The camera sees a face( an other program), it calls the id function, the id function takes a picture and quickly1 ids the person. (There is more but that's irrelevant) 1.quickly = 2 to 10 seconds
  16. Working on a face recognition project

    1. Mardax007


      The face recognition project is DONE!!! Now I am going to optimise it and I'll upload the full code very soon (ish).

  17. Hi, I am building a face recognition program in python3. I started with getting a face id program. Then I added blinkdetection to insure that its a living person and not a photo. Then I added a face detection model. Then I came back to the face recognition part. Turns out that 60% meens 60% unsure. Now I am looking for a better face recognition program. I heard that a face recognition program with deep learning will increase accurcy a lot. I have googled it a lot but I still can't find a working program. If someone has a solution/tip please comment below. Thanks!
  18. My pc is finally done. Now I can play fortnite for the first time on pc.

  19. An old motherboard with 1GB of DDR ram With an Intel idk The was even dirt under the capacitors?