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    16Gb Dominator Plat
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    EVGA GTX 970
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    Corsair 750D
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    BX100 250GB and Seagate 1.5TB
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  1. Think it would work fine for my application. I only plan on using speakers for movies so they're usually turned off. My headphones also have a detachable cable so I can always manually 'unplug' it if it becomes an issue to have them both on at the same time.
  2. I just meant that really cheapo quality cables often are faulty so rather not deal with that I had considered a switch but then there's still the manual aspect of having to flip it each time and it would still take up space on my desk. Not sure if it's a thing but a software controllable switch could potentially work. Although not looking to spend big bucks on just a quality of life upgrade.
  3. Looking to get a splitter for my headphones & speakers which both run on 3.5mm jacks. My mobo only has a single input so thinking that a splitter should allow me to change my audio source without having to manually switch plugs each time. Any recommendations on a quality splitter that won't make it sound like I'm listening through a wall?
  4. Yep, the 1070ti works no problem. When I discovered the stability issue with the original 1070, I tested it with another known good 1070 I borrowed from my friend and it was just fine. I'm just so disappointed and frustrated right now, but I think I finally reached a gigabyte rep on reddit
  5. Tldr: RMA'd my 1070 3 times and received another broken gpu each time. Wtf gigabyte?! ? Somebody please help??? I purchased a 2nd hand 1070 and found that it had some vram stability issues at higher resolutions. So no big deal, I thought I could just rma it and I'll be good. Fast forward 3 weeks, i receive my replacement and notice that the serial number is the exact same one I sent in. At this point, I thought it was odd but I guess if they could fix it then fine. Unfortunately, it turns out that not only is the stability issue still there, now the side LEDs won't turn on. So all they managed to do is send me the same faulty gpu back, but they managed to break it even more.... I decided to call their customer service line and go complain. They offered me a replacement with a different card this time and covered my shipping. Fast forward another 3 weeks and I open up the box to find it is a different gpu this time. I installed it in my system and immediately hear the fans ramp to full as soon as I turn on my machine. Confused as hell, I noticed that one of the main side fans isn't spinning while the smaller middle fan and other side fan are as loud as a leafblower. I inspected it and found that the side fan wasn't mounted properly and would get stuck on the gpu heatsink shroud ?. Guessing I drew anothet short straw, I proceed to repeat the rma process, specifically asking for a different gpu. Fast forward again, I received my replacement yesterday and popped it in only to find THAT THE THING DOESNT EVEN OUTPUT A DISPLAY.... I started this whole process in july and it is now October. For 3 months, I've tried to deal with their abysmal rma process and am convinced that this whole thing is just a goddam circle jerk where they receive faulty gpus, and then just proceed to reship to the next guy as an replacement. I had to resort to buying another 1070ti to use in place of this piece of shit gigabyte 1070. I am sorely disappointed and ashamed that I used to recommend gigabyte to my friends and even tout their transferrable warranties. Their products are if working, are fine, but if not then you're in for a nightmare of a ride. I'm frustrated beyond belief and really don't know what to do instead. Hopefully a gigabyte rep sees my post and can help me sort this out...
  6. Just curious what you guys think of the current $/Gb pricing and how low it'd have to get before you'd make a complete switch. Of course, we'd all prefer for it to equal to HHDs, but that won't be happening anytime soon. For a mid-range SSD, I'd make the switch if it was $1/5Gb. So, a 1TB would only be $200.
  7. Don't think its the display since I've already tried a second monitor/cable and got similar results as in the picture
  8. I've tried with and without my secondary HHD but the problem persisted. Maybe I'm just unaware, but I've never really heard of storage causing such drastic problems before. I tested it using HHD Scan and it shows its at 100% for all SMART values which makes sense since I just purchased it back in Feb.
  9. Already tried a different slot and verified that it was fine with memtest
  10. Forgot to mention in OP that after switching to onboard video, I tried another monitor and cable and got similar results to the picture above. So I'm pretty sure its not an issue with my monitor itself
  11. Hey guys, I'm having a very peculiar problem where my pc would erratically freeze up on me and the problem seems to worsen the further I try to diagnose it. To begin with, over the past week I've had freezes that would randomly occur whether I'm gaming or just idling on my desktop. The freeze itself would just freeze my screen at first and then I'd be informed that there was no signal as if my pc was shut off. I also found that if left alone, the pc would shut it self off after a while. At first I thought maybe this was some sort of virus or driver conflict which prompt'ed me to reinstall my OS, however the problem still persists which led me to believe it was a hardware problem. Normally you would think that this is a GPU issue, despite I stripping the system down to just the ssd and 1 stick of ram, the freezing continued. Although it took on a new form as you can see in the picture below. So at this point, I'm not quite sure whether the issue here is with the motherboard or my gpu. Hope you guys can help me out and thanks in advance! Edit: A few things I forgot to mention. 1) I've already tried a different display/cable while running onboard video and got similar results as in the picture 2) RAM has already been verified through memtest Update: Since someone mentioned it might be a storage issue and I was still freezing while running on my ssd, I've reinstalled my OS on my secondary HHD. So far there haven't been any freezes, but I am experiencing some typical hhd failure symptoms of sluggish performance and audible clicking/crunching noises coming from the drive. Crystaldiskinfo shows that the drive is in good health and that most SMART values are in the mid 90s, so I'm not quite sure whether or not anything is actually failing. Maybe I've been spoiled by my ssd's performance but all I can do right now is wait and see if anything happens.
  12. Ya, I know they already did a real RGB motherboard but I still feel the new Strix board has a lot more potential for modders to fabricate their custom logos to better match a build
  13. Well its better than nothing. Also with this method, you could potentially remove these and put in your own custom logo to be illuminated.
  14. I really doubt LMG actually spent $30k if any money at all for the hardware. They've received a lot of hardware for videos in the past and given their track record/audience size, most companies would want to collaborate on something as epic as this. I originally thought they would of only received the hardware for the video and once everything was done, it (especially the gpus) would be returned to the manufacturers. Although it looks like their relationship is so good that they just let them keep it.
  15. Well that was fast, price dropped to $600 already