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  1. Thanks I’m just going to build the Ryzen build from 2019 and they were using the other one I believe but what would be some of the reasons
  2. Can someone please tell me the difference between the B450 MSI gaming plus max motherboard and the B450 MSI tomahawk motherboard. They both seem the same with the tomahawk being a lower price. They both support 2nd and 3rd gen AM4 and have basically identical descriptions on Amazon please help.
  3. BLUwU

    Software Gore

    Do you see it?
  4. BLUwU

    I’m new

    Hello I’m new to the forums. I have no idea what I’m doing right now. I really want a pc though and would like advice. I don’t know anything really. I won’t be getting one soon though but I’d like to start researching. I’ve bought a desk and monitor. The monitor needs to be upgraded because it’s 75hz (I believe that’s low). I should’ve bought a 60hz because I have a Xbox I wasn’t thinking straight ig. Here’s is a photo..
  5. Hello I’m new I have no idea how to use.