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  1. and that will be plenty because my upload is 5MB and my download 12MB. And it will rather be limited by the the persons internet connection where i left the pi. but anyway it's 5 am in my country so i think im no going to sleep a while.
  2. I think i'll go with an proxy i could run the proxy on my vps. I only want backups of my documents, pictures, gamesaves, scrpits and stuff like that so mostly a few mb per file. i baught all my movies and tv shows i use on my plex server on dvd or blu ray so i don't need a second digital copy of them. i'm think i got an raspi 3+ some wehre lying around so i will probably just go with that one becouse i really don't need fast speeds and if something sould hapen to my data the backup location will only be a few km's away so i could easly drive there take the drives and copy the data via usb 3.0 on to my pc if it should take to long to download.
  3. thanks m8, i will check it out
  4. If i'm correct windows takes like 2gigs of ram (if you use windows) then you should look up whats in your auto start so you can see what will suck ram even in idel after boot wiht out doing something and if you have many browser tabs or other applications open they will also suck ram.
  5. Hello, My Situation: I want to set up an unraid server as NAS and VM server. Then I want to have a network drive/folder via SMB/samba where i can put my important stuff. And then I want this "important" content to back up to an offside Raspberry Pi with something like 2 500gig hdd in a raid-1. Not required but would be nice live sync of the files, every file that gets deleted goes in a folder called "deleted" on the pi so I can go there if something gets accidentally deleted, every time a file gets updated because it was edited the for example last "3" versions of this file get saved for let's say 2 weeks if I need it for what ever reason. My Problem: I don't know where to start, this kind of project I never did something like this before. LTT showed something like this in one of their server videos but didn't explain how it works (that's not acutely a problem) As it themes right now I'm just not experienced enough for that project I try to find a solution my self but any help would be very appreciated My Solution: I used rsync, it's a linux only command (thanks again "electronics wizardy") type rsync --help when your in your terminal and you can see what all this extansions mean thats the command i use, if you need a exaple if you have any questions you can ask me: rsync -avzrhu -e "ssh -i "whre the ssh key is stored"" --delete "source" --exclude lost+found user@example.domain:"destination" I didn't manage to get this thing with the delted folder up and runnig nor with the versions but i will, try to do it and if i find a solution i will update the post again
  6. no i baught an broken one because i know many people like this machine and working one would have been very expansive to buy so i did go with an broken one. I even had to drill in one screw because it was stuck throug rust.
  7. Hello, im planing to upgrading an old mac classic to an pc with gpu ssd cpu etc... and would like to use an touchscreen as replacment for the old crt, heres is my question does any one know an 4:3 8 inch at least hd touch display/screen? Edit: I found this one on an german side for everyone who is intresstet. https://www.pollin.de/p/20-3-cm-8-display-set-mit-touchscreen-ls-8t-hdmi-dvi-vga-cvbs-121058?gclid=CjwKCAjwssD0BRBIEiwA-JP5rDGkH4A5rZnu7ALEzsc_mIuYgI9LMlZgeNqrnHkTMkWIwctTF6ZwEhoCkukQAvD_BwE
  8. the coulor is on automatic it's white on my side and i got the nighttheme
  9. Hello does anyone of you guys know a wireless-headset with swappable batteries without rgb simple locking over ear receiver for pc (Linux driver/control app support would be nice but isn't necessary) bluetooth support (usb c would be preferred to charge the headset while traveling) detachable mike would also be and it should be conferrable to wear. At this moment i use the Arctis pro wireless for three days but it makes my ears hurt from the pressure of the ear shells on my ears sometimes has random connection loses and it's annoying that i can't adjust the sides. I used to use the Logitech g930 and g933 but those to broke and hat connection errors and i had many other problems with them but they were great to wear and didn't hurt my ears at some point i even drilled holes in to the side to reattach the speaker with zip ties because it broke of. price range 0-400 bucks
  10. Hello i plan to upgrade my Main Pc, i use an Ryzen 5 1600 @3,20G and i wanna know shoud i buy an Ryzen 5 3600 or shoud i buy an Ryzen 7 2700X. So the thing is i live in Germany and i can get the Ryzen 5 3600 for 195.90€ and the Ryzen 7 2700 for 164.90€. And sometimes i use the PC to host a Server.
  11. Hello i wan't to buy a cheap Keyboard with blue switches. Can someone give me recommendation?
  12. And if you can run Ethernet Cable's. Do it for everything you can, especially for Gaming stuff
  13. So as i mentioned i want to build a keyboard for Macros. So i searched in the web and found a few Videos. The first useful i found was this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Arn8ExQ2Gjg and i thought yeah great now i only need a second keyboard and i looked trough the Internet and found the "Genovation Controllpad CP48" and liked it especially for the Flash drive in it where you can put your AutoHotKey scripts on, i also liked the key kaps where you can just open the cap and put a picture in it. But here come the Problems the first thing is i don't have a huge budget for this Project, the second thing is it's no available in Germany (this is where i live) and it would also destroy my wallet. My next thought was i coud use a numpad or even normal keyboard case, crack it open switch the keycaps and put a usb flash drive in it then i swap the cable and im fine. And my question is does anyone of you know wich keyboard/numpad i shoud use for such a project or can anyone give me some advices what i shoud do? As i mentioned i'm from Germany so pleas don't kill me for my English writing skills and if you wan't you can say me what my faults are so i can improve my English also i'm not very familier with reddit so if this post has false tags or whatever it would be nice if you could say it to me so i can change it. Thanks for helping hand's in advance!