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  1. I believe it was just announced that the Tokyo Olympics are going to be postponed until 2021. The location and scale of the Olympics differ greatly from LTX, but we are taking into consideration the actions of other events that are scheduled in and around our event as well.
  2. The safety of guests and staff is a priority and we are monitoring the situation as new information is released, when the time comes we will make a decision in regards to postponing or cancelling the event. Canada, like many other countries has put measures in place to help prevent the spread of the virus, but it is still up in the air as to when these precautions and regulations will be lifted. At the time of writing this the regulations (such as bans on large meetings and border closings) do not overlap with the dates of LTX, but given how quickly the situation can change and how far out August is we don't know if those regulations will stil be in effect. Once we are able to make an informed decision we will make a public announcement regarding LTX.
  3. I mentioned this in an earlier thread and as mentioned in previous comments this topic about VIP tickets has come up in the past and will continue to appear as long as tickets like VIP exist. I know that Linus has talked about this in the past on WAN show, increasing the number of tickets will effectively make it not "VIP" and since they are limited it does not matter how the tickets are distributed we will not have enough for everyone who wants to get one. The issue with Tixr locking accounts while they are trying to purchase tickets is a separate issue, but is unfortunate and obviously not what we want in the future. This issue could happen with any of the ticket selling platforms as they have precautions set in place to prevent bots and such.
  4. Elektra57 is correct, the merch pack and the individual items will be available at LTX so you do not need to buy a merch pack. We will have a merch booth "lttstore.com in real life" to buy stuff that is normally on the lttstore and LTX exclusives during expo hours.
  5. Unfortunately, the nature of a ticket such as the VIP is that there is a limited amount. If the number of tickets is increased it is no longer VIP and a random draw wouldn't help those who do not win the draw as now it be purely up to luck, which probably would not make anyone who didn't win happy.
  6. We will likely have more info regarding the volunteer application around May. We will hopefully have some more information before then as well that we can provide to those who are looking to sign up and volunteer for the expo.
  7. There will not be a baggage claim or luggage check in available at LTX.
  8. Hey, DM me and we can work on getting you a refund for the extra ticket.
  9. We do require that anyone that is 13 or under have a chaperone/guardian while attending the expo, and they must have an expo pass as well. (childern 6 and under don't require a ticket) If you are planning on attending the BYOC and you have a chaperone they will not be required to purchase an additional BYOC pass if they need to accompany you in the BYOC section. They will need to have a pass to the expo for the days that they are attending the expo, which I would guess is a Two-Day pass if you are attending the BYOC. For the Office Tour each individual would have to buy a ticket, the chaperone would be able to wait outside if they do not want to purchase an office tour ticket.
  10. I would recommend this post on the /r/SwitchHack if you are seriously considering modding/hacking your switch. It's got some great info on how to determine if you can actually hack your current switch and what are able to do once you hack it, they also have Q&A threads if you have additional questions.
  11. We are working on some other blocks and we'll of course update the post when/if we do get some more. Vancouver is already busy in the summer so securing a single hotel blocks in the hundreds aren't always possible. Each hotel also works differently and has different requirements/contracts/agreements that we have to take into consideration. Fair point, added that to the post ?
  12. Edit: Pricing for Panda Pod Hotel will be about $63 as the offer is for a 10% Discount off the regular price. Hotel Blocks/Discounts If you are looking to book hotel accommodations for LTX 2020 take a look at the links below for some options: Panda Pod Hotel - The Panda Pod Hotel is an affordable hotel option at about $63 CAD per night (before tax) and since it’s located close to our rapid transit system (SkyTrain) it is both easily accessible from the Vancouver Airport and the Vancouver Convention Centre. Unlike traditional hotels the Panda Pod is a pod hotel with 64 pods in total and offers free WiFi, lockers, parking, and other amenities. EXchange Hotel Vancouver Link - The EXchange Hotel Vancouver is an Executive Hotel that has a limited block of rooms available at $369/night (before tax & fees). This is a great location for attendees that are interested in exploring the heart of downtown Vancouver and want easy access to the different districts and attractions available. A full list of amenities & services can be found HERE. Executive Hotel Le Soleil Link - The hotel Le Soleil is an all-suite option that is also available through Executive Hotels at a rate of $369/night (before tax & fees). The Executive Hotel Le Soleil has been recognized as one of the top 25 luxury hotels in Canada and has been consistently awarded the Travellers Choice Award by Trip Advisor and is just a 3 minute walk from the Vancouver Convention Centre. A full list of amenities & services can be found HERE. LTX2020 Dates: August 8th & 9th at the Vancouver Convention Centre. We will be updating this post and the accommodations page on the LTX website when/if we have additional hotel accommodation options available specifically for LTX 2020.