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  1. then what recommendation would be given for good CPU?
  2. I was referring to that "type" of cpu in general seems to not be a bad one
  3. 2 years ago I bought a cheap black Friday PC for $400-$500 HP Pavilion Power Desktop - 580-023w wifi Bluetooth 8G ram, GTX 1060 3G and a I5-7400 cpu @3GHz. I am currently play an alpha game (star citizen) and noticed it seemed to be a bit sluggish so I maxed out the ram the mother board can take at 16G 2400 seem all was well, then a new patched dropped and all of a sudden I am having a lot of graphical errors. none of my other pc's seem to be having issues and none of my other friends seem to be having the same issues... so I checked the specs and noticed that my CPU does not meet min specs for the game.... at first I felt that the cpu was trash at 3GHz but looking about it seems its not a bad cpu… its just always maxed out when running the game and im sure its has a lot to do with the game but I am feeling like perhaps I need a better cpu, my question is what would be a max (within reason) I could get for the Odense2-K motherboard LGA 1151 or what should i consider to look for? i dont have a budget.... kinda a on the fly type of deal, erhaps check out e-bay or some used cpu that will work, i just need to know what would be a good fit for this system. https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-pavilion-power-580-000-desktop-pc-series/16425610/model/17345625/document/c05355651