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  1. My bios only as cpu fan, my fans are up a lot and I can't hear the pump and never did since I got it 3 years ago
  2. So I have a H100i v2 and I rebuilded my old PC for a friend, so the LED on it goes red after a while and the cpu temp goes to a 100c, I tried re applying thermal paste and setting up my tubes differently but i am still experiencing this issue, the only I haven't tried yet is messing with the bracket but I would like to know if my pump is dead or if there is some way to fix this
  3. Still having issues keeping my fps at 120, I want to be able to play 1080p ultra for now but I am unable to do that
  4. Just also for context that 1070 won't be going away, i will use the part of my previous build and make a VR build for my living room
  5. Resolution: 1080p but i want to have the possibility to up to 1440p in the future. Monitor: MSI Optix G27C2
  6. So a good way to know before buying the parts would be checking benchmarks with the same GPU but different CPU's to see if it bottlenecks?
  7. I was thinking of the AMD GPU because a friend of mine got it and had no issues, but i do know about how the launch of the 5700 XT (or was it the 5600 XT?) was an absolute car crash.
  8. Then what would be your way of knowing?(Besides horrible performance)
  9. I bought it myself, i'm a technician (Just came out of school) and i also did my previous build, i simply went according to CPU scores like a dummy without actually informing myself properly, it's pretty much an error on my part that is why i'm currently trying to inform myself on the matter since if i ever have friends or clients i don't want to misguide them.
  10. How do you know when a CPU is bottle necking a GPU? Would like to know what are the signs of something like this happening.