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  1. Great, Exactly what I needed, Thank you!
  2. Yeah, was hoping to install Windows on the SDD, and go into BIOS and make it the initial boot priority. I'm just wondering if that would work though.
  3. I'm wondering if theres a way That i can make the SSD the boot drive and the HDD the storage drive, without having to remove any files from the harddrive.
  4. Hello, I've recently purchased an SSD for my Girlfriend's prebuilt Cyberpower PC. She was looking to use it as a bootdrive and storage for a few games. However she was wanting to keep all the original files on the HDD. Is there a way to make sure I can install the SSD as the boot drive without deleting any files on her HDD? I wanted to ask before installation, really don't want to mess up or delete any files on her hard drive.
  5. Hello, I was looking to get my girlfriend an SSD for her Prebuilt Cyberpower PC. Is there a way to make that SSD a Bootdrive and keep her old files on her HDD? Wanted to ask before I installed the drive.
  6. I'm using a regular 1660 Card, and usually i get around 200-300 when Idling and doing minor things in the game, while in game fights it goes from 100 to lower.
  7. I Have both my monitors plugged into My GPU, yes.
  8. My Go-To Game to usually test my FPS is Overwatch, I Run it at all low, 100 Render Scale, and 1080p on a 144hz Monitor. I also test FPS in Apex, which I do at all low settings at 1080p.
  9. How do I Enable XMP? Also I Run Games at lower settings, despite the card being able to handle high settings, i just prefer lower now due to the low fps i get.
  10. Hello, I've been having trouble with my FPS in my games recently, I recently just upgraded my PC and i still seem to have the same problems. My OS is Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit My Specs are Ryzen 7 2700, Asrock AB350M Pro4 Motherboard, 3 8Gig sticks of Gskill Aegis 288 Pin 3000Mhz Ram, GTX 1660, and a PSU of 450 Watts (Corsair). My Bios version is 5.80, Due to Asrock saying it's not recommended that I Upgrade BIOS on a Pinnacle Ridge Processor. I Have Checked CPU-Z and I see that my Memory is decently Underclocked, about 950Mhz Clocked. I've tried to Overclock but it's causing problems such as game crashing (Overwatch). My FPS is starting to look very similar to my old 1050ti card and I'm just so confused on what to do. I tried turning off background apps, and a few Youtube Tutorials for Regedit Things. But I'm completely stumped now.