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  1. Okay, so how should I go about a pull configuration with the H60? Apologies, as I've never done this before.
  2. As title suggests, I am having trouble slotting the Corsair H60 radiator into the rear fan slot of my Rosewill Challenger case. I believe the problem is that one of the corners of this slot (bottom right) is curved, therefore not giving enough clearance to the square corners of the radiator. Has anyone else managed to install a Corsair H60 inside a Rosewill Challenger case? I attached a picture of that curved corner. Is it possible to bend or solder this metal to push it out of the way? Another possible cause are these 2 protruding pins (one of which you can see just above that curved corner), but I cannot remove them easily because they have no holes for a screwdriver (possibly soldered pieces). In the other photo, you can see the radiator placed in the slot, but there is a gap in the top left where it is not flush with the case due to whatever is obstructing it. Because of this, I cannot screw it in as the screw holes are not aligned.