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  1. So honestly. I get consist 100hz with mgs5 and also A plague tale. (All settings at max. Forced ultrawide with hex editing.) But they can at times drop to 70. Otherwise everything is mostly fairly consistent. Now these titles are like almost half a decade apart.... Also I have heavely modded my mgs5 game..... But yea, just to give you guys am idea of how is working for me. I have never seen a CPU bottleneck with either of these games, but my GPU is running at an slight overcook. Also I only have three fans, and am kind of waiting to shift to a new place before I buy the fans (because I don't trust Amazon to actually deliver in time,).... And I wouldn't call my system, ideally cooled either. Now ofcourse cyberpunk can just through this all for a toss... But the whole idea was to invest in the monitor and not change it, since it is also much costlier than the GPU, but hey!! I can always switch the GPU, that's why we all got pcs no....
  2. Cyberpunk 2077 - while we can't guess how it will turn out, CDProjectRed is known to have PC optimised games with a graphics downgrade to fit the consoles. So it should'nt be very bad IMO.
  3. Hey. Thanks for this. I wish I had read it sooner. But much appreciated. I bought the 2070 for peanuts. And the 1440p ultrawide 100hz Samsung panel. Turned out, there was a time dead pixels which only popped up after 4-5 hours. With the corona virus, Samsung is short on stock and have processed an entire refund. So I get a second change. I also got to experience it for a whole the weeks (I raised the complaint in the third day, they took that long :p)
  4. Hey, Sorry for the late response. Work caught up with me. You can look up at gaming benchmarks based on your GPU. Understandthe games use GPU+CPU for different stuff. So while your AI remembers would use CPU, also certain physics calculations might be CPU, other things like the actual image rendering (so resolution etc) is done by the GPU. Now your ideal system is when you have both kind of hand in hand at doing things for whatever games you play. Performing benchmarks like heaven/3dmark etc will give you theoretical results which test the whole system CPU+GPU+RAM(basically your entire build) in different ways. If you are concerned about certain games, try to go through their game specific benchmarks, or run them yourself. You can find many resources online on how to.
  5. Quest failed. You wake up with entire inventory damaged. Visit a blacksmith to get repairs. Honestly, it's way too late now. Anyway, i got it assembled, and cable managed now... But honestly, you know how difficult it is to cable manage when you know you can't do anything after for an entire day to you wait to come back from work tomorrow :p. Anyway, a is done. Thanks for replying and taking interest. I absolutely wanted to buy someone a beer. Let me know if I still can!
  6. Dude, am all for beer and infact i would have bought you one as a quest reward. I have used autokeys before back in 2007 with original dota. Honestly, I dint care about quick downloads or no hiccups. Just show me the path i must follow sure.
  7. Start your journey with LTT/Bitwit/Jayz2cents/Paul's hardware on YouTube and work your way up to tech Jesus. A good way is to get the basics from LTT, and then deep dive with Gamers Nexus after you covered all the basic components a few times over on LTT. Watch the older videos as well as they will give you an idea of how tech has evolved. This inturn will give you an indirect depth in knowledge. Also LTT or all tech channels for that matter can get a bit lazy with the assumptions of what the viewer knows (for TRP purposes :p).
  8. Hello, It's past midnight. Just came home from work with brand new PC parts. I did extensive research, scovered the deepest darkest corners of the internet and got an RTX 2070 deal, an ultrawide 1440p monitor, a gold rated 850 supply, a tempered glass corsair cabinet, RGB 3600 cl16 ram and the whole shabang. The point is I am super excited to spend more time than I should in building this right now and leaving my steam library on download overnight. However I forgot a keyboard. I left it at the shop. The surprise is the unexpected nostalgia I am experiencing. I did own a PC since I was five till I graduated. Then it was only laptops for work. But the memories this has brought back are those of getting a new toy, without batteries and realising you don't have any at home, and it's late and total parental uncoorporation and NPC level ineffectiveness in the quest to go fetch. So I am wondering if there is a way that I can use a USB port to connect my laptop and make it get detected at the bios level as a keyboard? You get 1. A USB c - USB c cable. 2. A USB a - USB c cable. 3. A USB a male to female cable. 4. A PC - MSI B450 Mortar max MB 5. A windows/Ubuntu laptop Your inventory is now full. Overweight. MS decreased by 180.
  9. Okay, given that you will be moving of to Red Dead2, Borderlands etc... I am not sure as to the kind of FPS you will be looking at. I suggest you should look into that. If its not much above 60FPS, then you might also consider TVs as an option for their picture quality given that superfast response is not required. IMO, the 1070Ti should be sitting in between the 2060 ans 1660Ti for most games. Given you have a powerful CPU, almost always you will find the GPU to be your bottleneck especially as you start cranking up the settings. I suggest look for the benchmarks of the games you play. If you can push to 100+FPS, you can consider an IPS that takes you there (TN will also not give you good colours). On the other hand if you are going to play games like Tomb Raider which have HDR support and you find the benchmarks to be around the 60fps mark for your desired settings, consider investing in a monitor with excellent colours and maybe HDR support or maybe even a TV for couch gaming if you think that might work for you. But dont go 4K as IMO you will be looking at sub-40/50FPS.
  10. 1. What games will you be playing? 2. When will you next upgrade the monitor? 3. Do you use it for work or consuming HRD content? 4. When will you next upgrade the graphics card? There are may things you need to consider. Here are a few guidelines imo. IPS>TN when it comes to picture quality. But if you need pro gaming speed on your panel, TN might be worth considering. Your investment in the monitor should be figured out based on how long do you intent to use it+GPU and re-sell rates in your local markets etc. Do some research. You card can push games at 1440p, AAA titles should give you 70fps, games like CSGO should take you much higher in fps count. In general look at the games you play and try to figure the bottleneck in your system. Try to match it with your monitor for the very value for money today. However you can also invest in a mid range monitor that might last you for 3 more years esp if you're planning to upgrade your GPU in the near future. If you give us options between specific monitors, we can be more useful.
  11. Getting a sweet dael o the Samsung CJ79 https://www.samsung.com/uk/monitors/curved-c34j79/ I believe the AMD freesync should now work with Nvidia cards as well given their adoption of adaptive sync or am I wrong?
  12. okay. Then I am more incline towards 2070 Super or 2070 (if i get the last few left at a bargain)
  13. Okay. So its between the 2060 Super or 2070 Super. Also yea, 1440P ultrawide at 60 would be about the same as 1080p at 143fps