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  1. I have an NH-U12a and it is great with my r5 3600. Underload my temps don't go above 50c. I would recommend It.
  2. I do not notice it at all. I was shocked as I have read a single fan can get loud. To see if I could, I have run it with Assassins creed odyssey at 1440p at 95hz and was getting 40 to 50 fps at high settings and did not notice the card being loud at that time.
  3. I have a PNY 1660 super that seems to be running well. it was bought in may so not that old. It is a one fan card and it seems to be built ok and temps are fine. It is in a kids computer that mainly runs Roblox and minecraft so the card is not really pushed at all. As for long term we will see.
  4. Those pins are damaged. Enough to cause issues i don't know but I would suspect so.
  5. A $150 Dollar 1660 super is a great deal. I have a PNY one in a kids computer and have had no issues at all with it.
  6. Another option to look at. An AMD 5600xt is a decent card that is under 300.
  7. As your old motherboard was a micro atx. If you go with an atx board make sure it will work with the case you have.
  8. I am looking at replacing the stock cooler with the ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO. Is there a better cooler at 50 to 60 bucks and would fit into a Sliverstone RL08?
  9. That is the only cable. I think you are right about the proprietary thing. I tried to find what company made the fan and was unsuccessful. I am just going to put it in a bin and pick up a normal fan.
  10. Quoting this post as I am dumb and did not yesterday.
  11. Posted pics as requested.
  12. I was given a 6 pin fan. I would like to use this fan but have no clue how to power it. How would I go about powering this fan, or am I better off just buying a 4 pin?
  13. Is the power supply in the Acer able to handle the card?
  14. I have an EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G3 and get black screens with a 5700xt. So I don't think it is a power issue.