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  1. Imagine you are going with your friend in a highway but he is driving and he so boring af so you pull from the (idk how is called that thing that holds objects in the front of the car) your beast pc powered by an ups in the car and you start to game on it. Niiiice
  2. He always smiles when he punches dennis
  3. he is Nick (probably) he was the top poster on channel super fun but now he is gone
  4. I use the swiffer duster to remove the dust (i use it for all peripherals) and then i spray (just a bit) on a sponged microfiber cloth a product to clean Windows (idk if it works for mac too) and i start to clean the screen. if the other part of the monitor is not clean (usually after swiffing them they are) like when my sister spilled a cup of coffee (in Italy coffee is espresso so is not a lot of coffe) i use Winnie's that is a product from the dictator of china made from plants and 100% biodegradable and i spray it on the sponged microfiber cloth and i start to wipe all the mess that MY SISTER has done.
  5. So let's watercool the pc and use the compressed air to cool the water
  6. Wait they can do something like we have at work. We have a bigass tower that is located outside the factory, it is loud af. That tower is a compressor that provides compressed air to for all the machines and humans. They can do a bigass tower to aircool all the pc in the neighborhood
  7. Yeah like that but smaller. This is so exaggerated. They can do something with a smaller one (the ones Tha came with a pistol looking thing)
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compressed_air linus can be the first one But compressed air has more air that flows Not now
  9. Water cooling pumps does wuuuuuhuuu compressed air (if you put the compressor away) does only fuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuu and it will cool the entire case.
  10. After 2h of Battlefield V the part under the gpu was hot so I turned all the fan to exhaust. By doing that my pc is now a lot quieter so I fixed it. Thank to all of you
  11. I have 2 intake (on the top with the air filter) and one exaust (back) i was using them the other way (2 out one in) but the air filter was full of dust on the inside (even if i clean my room every 3 days) and i was concerned about dust clogging them (it was not that full of dust but on the long run it could have been a problem) the fans are spinning at 1000 rpm circa. the cpu fan is at 820 rpm. I have to check the gpu while I am playing to see if i should do something about it. I can put alll the fans in exaust now but I am waiting for the led strip so i can do some better cable managment. Thank you
  12. record20200123143923.3gpp Amazon sent me the wrong led strip. I went inside my pc while it was running and I am 100% sure that it's the top fans. Idk if the audio is good because I recorded it with the browser (it doesn't let me hear it)
  13. The fan arrived today and this one are the same as the other ones. I didn't do Tha cable management because tomorrow the mailman will give me my rgb strip so I have to open again the pc. As I said probably it's the case problem
  14. it arrived today! It's a really cool mouse, it feels cheep but I like it. the bad aspect of this mouse is that i cannot put the buttons as additional mouse buttons but i can only make them do something like macros or letters. I like it tho