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  1. Found this error, "The device HID-compliant headset (location (unknown)) is offline due to a user-mode driver crash. Windows will attempt to restart the device 5 more times. Please contact the device manufacturer for more information about this problem. "Done a google search and it leads to headphone companies like hyperx and razer having this problem. I checked what was the error i got for the first blue screen and it is the same as the one up top. Which gives me more hope to getting close to fix because i have hyperx headphones.
  2. yup last post was about if the licence would stay or not, it stayed and the setup went smooth. i will try the power one first and if it still goes on i will make a bootable ubuntu usb,i will later see what i can do with the ram I have contacted the seller to see if he had any information and thank you for the response
  3. Hello there, i have made a post on here yesterday about how i was going to do a fresh clean install because i was having BSOD problems and my question was if my licence would stay. I have done the fresh install after a full reset and now i have a new error that gets linked to driver issues again! I checked the drivers i updated them and still it goes on. OS:Windows 10 Pro I have 2 Questions for today How can i fix my issue of error code kernel_security_check_failure? I have tried to find some fixes, me and my friend found one where you change ur PCI Express/Link State Power Management setting to off. Will this fuck anything up and is this a potential fix? Verified Drivers Checked for Corrupt Files Checked Device Health Scanned Device Health Checked drives for any corruption Thanks in advance
  4. Alright i was thinking that i would need to buy a whole new key to do it. Thanks for the help and fast reply i will write it down just in case, thanks for the help and fast reply
  5. Hello there, so i have been having some BSOD problems with my install of windows 10 pro. I have recently bought this computer second hand and the guy activated the pc with windows 10 pro licence. Now i want to do a fresh install but i don't know if i can re use the licence, i know that it usually does it by getting it off the motherboard but i want to be sure. On the activation settings it says that it is linked to my account but i am still not sure. I have full reset this pc after i got it but not a fresh install. If any questions about if there is a hardware issue or if it is legit or not: yes i have checked every single bit that i can check and done benchmarks on it. The parts are indeed legit and working. BSOD problems? Different errors every time that always leads to driver issues. Even if i can fix it i just want to fresh install at this point, 5 blue screens with a on the top left is not a good thing while enjoying some games. Thanks in advance and have a good day
  6. Getting this notification on a laptop intel Rapid Storage Technology SATA available disk removed. Any Fix? and What is happening ?

    New Pc

    so he cant see no passwords or files right?

    New Pc

    alright cool this shit scared me

    New Pc

    yea the key may be tied to his account i dont know but he has no way to get any information from my pc right ? if he does move the key i have no problem because i have one from my old pc

    New Pc

    ok so he will have information that was on the computer before the reset but not after the reset

    New Pc

    he did activate windows with his account tho ?

    New Pc

    what i mean by reset is going to settings and pressing delete everything not actually formatting the disk does this mean he still has access ?

    New Pc

    Hello there so i recently got a second hand gaming pc with windows activated and i reset windows. it said activation was signed in by mail and i thought oh shit this guy activated windows on his account so i went to microsofts website to see my devices and i can see the second hand pc that i bought and it was on my account but i still dont know if the guy that sold it to me has access to my information. Can this guy get my passwords or anything ?
  14. Alright do you think this setup can handle it ? And what score should i be close to where i can say i can buy this Btw just before i go start dreaming about what i can do with this pc do you think it will handle it ? And what score do you think i should get if the graphics card is all g i want to see what 2 different people say so i know what will happen