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    Fiddeling with electronics since dipers basicly raised around x86 PCs
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    AMD FX-8300 Black Edition
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    Asus M5A97 ver 1.xx Rev 2.0
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    HyperX Savage 16GB (Kit 2x8GB) 1600MHz DDR3 (HX316C9SRK2/16) CL9 XMP
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    AMD Sapphire RX 5600 XT 6 GB GDDR6
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    SSD + SSHD
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    Seasonic Focus GX 750 Gold
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    ASUS VS228H 22"
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    Tower Cooler
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    Sillicon Heaven or Hell getting new soon just now basic Genius PS2 backup
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    CONNECT IT DOODLE 2 Wireless
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    Hama Basic 2.0
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    Win 10 Pro
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    Sony VAIO Red
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  1. I have fan control on MB but this i hooked up on second PCIE rail a put switch on in really wantech quick physical solution and bit ghetto im MacGyver sucker this way i have direct control under my monitor .. i like classic solutions maybe when i get new Mb or PC im gonna do something else rn is heat really bad and even case needed to be opened cause of heat ... i admit is little bit junky .. but it works and dont looking on clean solution in present time .. maybe after summer when air cool down a little .. sure maybe i should control hooked up and rmp reduction put in program .. yet its a lot of work .. so im glad PC is working even with demanding game .. because i had some crashes before until i made this solution .. when i got some free time and get bored .. gonna do something different .. time will tell .. system fans around CPU are hooked up to control and they ramp up when heat goes up .. but strongest fans are separate power rail right now .. soo better have manual switch like next to my hand than screw around hi-tech way :))
  2. Well first u post specs of this PC .. and can be just system software issues .. maybe try to do photo of bluescreen mostly there is a more information what exactly crashed .. and if bios using somesort of kinda OC or XMP can have affect on instability of whole setup .. if its new .. in cause of older parts can be literally anything
  3. Well when someone has a enough money just not to game but actually made it noice
  4. Welp i had enough of overheating in case with this summer heat so i took out sidepanel and manually conected Fans to PCIE 10volt rail cable .. and put a switch for the most noisy under the monitor so i had it on desk When u just wanna watch movie is nice to shut that hooler down and enjoy sillent whooshing of automatic fan control curve when idle is not much noisy .. but then i game on GPU .. chipset and CPU heating is a issues btw .. FX - 8300 Boost 4.2Ghz with OC rx 5600 XT can work as heater when is chilled outside .. done that with Overclocked FX - 4300 at 4.6Ghz that was nice heat comming forom that CPU
  5. Welp i tryied OC my FX-8300 at the end stuck up with Auto on Boost enable to 4.2Ghz .. is kinda useless OC this one ..
  6. WElp at the end of the day .. any overclock with FX-8300 on this board was usntable .. playing War Thunder .. AC Syndicate or Rise of Tomb Raider made id freeze crash or lock glitch ... So im on basic 3.3Ghz with 3.6Ghz working load .. and sometimees 4.2Ghz Boost all auto Boost enabled .. its working at 55°C with temp sensor but my estimated is CPU alone is going over 60°C sometimes when GPU start heating system with 80°C on full load Sooo ... 8300 Pointless ... but from 4300 i get like 4.6Ghz stable Overclock Ende
  7. well i just had a hard freeze only with watching netflix .. so i have like 6 fans around CPU cooler chipset heatsink and there is a air flow around VRM so should be enough .. i just think my sillicon is good with stock specs 3.3Ghz base 3.6Ghz working load with 4.2Ghz .. and 1.4Ghz iddle .. but when i change things .. pc crashes .. or freezes .. it is possible that MB cant handle twice as much cores with OC when she did on 4300 .. thus i did this toppic even to just think about if it does matter on this CPU to do some casual OC like for games .. or if isnt worth it .. i like to keep it on dynamic Frequency cause no need to run over 4Ghz when idle .. buzt what i learned is that u can run over 4Ghz all the time .. or u can have lower temp with dynamic .. middle ground not much working and if 8300 sillion i have is not really 100% perfect .. dont wanna risk it damage .. cause i have no replace second CPU is in another MB working as second workstation pc for office stuf .. and budget rn cant handle new PC .. but thx anyway
  8. Temperatures are not really issue rn but every change i made did unstable system .. hard freezes or crashes so better gonna let on Auto even if that mean only 3.6Ghz working spees and sometimes boost up to 4.2Ghz .. even tryied set a votage manually around 1.404 volts and some changes to the settings around .. overall freezes or crashes everytime .. didnt have that problem with fx-4300 that one max out 4.6Ghz but temps were at limits shutting down .. i just think this sillicon is not 100% top noch and dont like much overclock from basic settings tho .. and also motherboard maybe doesnt like it either .. but its better than 4.6Ghz FX-4300 tho .. well hope so and yeah i know FX can be overcloked up to insane speeds .. im just wanna keep it casual for work and some gaming
  9. I put it on Auto for now kinda ranges between 1.2-1.3v and get 3.6Ghz Base and 4.4Ghz Boost out of it dont wanna push it much...in past at 4.5-4.6Ghz was unstable with 3.8Ghz Base .. so better keep it down for stability btw 300 series dont liike temp over 60°C cause of is 95w so cant push it much like 125w model .. its older ..and my cooler isnt top notch with heat from GPU isnt there room for heat ...yeah
  10. Yeah that was my guess it not have a point .. im running most Auto setting only Turbo at 4.2Ghz and dynamic so its get to 1.4Ghz in idle for better temp at summer .. thx anyway best FQ i get 4.44Ghz at turbo and like 55°C
  11. Is there any point overclocking FX-8300 with Asus M5A97 r2.0 .. was trying get some more perfomanc and Ghz boost but it was unstable .. not stock cooler .. maybe i has a bad sillicon cause Fx-4300 was working at 4.6Ghz .. thx
  12. Finally ordered new bit cheap keyboard but it's metal hope will last some handle.. 

  13. did some change put that left fan on the cooler from side to push pull config so cooler has 4 fans now lol
  14. Dude honestly i was using FX 4300 as thermal heater for my room when was cold and i had no heating solution other than PC