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  1. Hey brother i think running ur biz day to day os draining, hire me i worked as a dispatcher manger for rogers pver saw 120 tech a day 1000 in home service calls with 95% completion, i am a service dog trainer now so hire me is a life coach !
  2. This camera d-link (dcs-8515lh) smart tracking hd pan tilt wi-fi security camera Can i stream that to a phone without paying?
  3. So camera above will record to my computer? Can i set up 2?
  4. Hahahaha, i love that, he will k ow they are there, Question,1 do i have to pay monthly? 2 does it stream to my phone or computer? 3 when it does stream can i record to my computer?
  5. Need like 2 to 3 cameras, can be can be battery or plug,
  6. I need to find a cheap bluetooth or wifi security cameras to hook up to my computer, i have a new roommate moving in, and i just want to keep an eye on my place, please help
  7. Is that available in Canada?
  8. Dam! Thank you sir exactly what i needed! Thank you Whiro
  9. I have a corsair 200r compact ATX case, I need to order filters, What size magnets filter fits the top? Whta size for sides? Use 1 or 2? Internally at the bootom i need 1 120mm The rear exhaust fan does it need a filter? And on the back under the fan the is a rectangle open with vents do the sell a filter for it Can you please help need a safe place to order from and the mag filter sizes pls
  10. I just watched the whole room water cooling vid, and i wondered, why not run the water through piping into a small fridge like a kegorator, in the fridge run a coil of copper and since your in a fridge, u could have the copper surrounded by ice or cold packs or us a raditor in the fridge, ( i would run raditor before the fridge, then 1 in the fridge) Or even a water cooler stand, use the water cooler raditor, run the pc cooling system water through the water cooler freezing cold water all day then back into the pc Sorry posted in wrong section
  11. There is a huge intake on the top i guess its for a radiator, i want to filter that, and i want a filter for the bottom aswell, I am hoing to put a 120mm fan blowing out the bottom, (keep the dust away from psu and bott9m of case, im not ovet clocking,
  12. I just put together my new rig I am using a Corsair carbide series 200R compact atx case, but all the vent holes are wide open, do they sell dust screen? Or can i use like a nylon let air in but catch the dust?
  13. Might sound stupid, but why?
  14. Thanks LTT ur videos comparing every cpu to cpu, gpu to gpu, you Christmas build guide, i know jack shit about computers, but i was able to buy and build my computer, Next holy shit you never have enough money in your pocket when u go pc part shopping, i had a plan and a budget, that was a joke! but this is what i ended up with, Ryzen 5 2600x Aorus b450 pro wifi Asus GeForce GTX 1650 super Cosair vengeance LPX 16GB DDR43200 WD blue 500gb ssd Corsair vengeance 750w 80 plus silver modular PSU Corsair LED low noise, cooling fan Corsair carbide series 200R compact atx case Redragon RGB keyboard and RGB mouse(yes my keyboard has no B and two X's, have to exchange it) All total with tax $1070.00 Its not a power house but proud of my first ever build Thanks internet