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  1. Thx I have found a liquid by 3M novec but I can't fing where to buy it
  2. Thx My. Dad says mineral oil is corrosive. Also I saw somewhere that mineral oil containers sulphur which corrodes components
  3. Ples can someone tell me a commercially available liquid for immersion cooling other than mineral oil It also has to be reasonably cheap
  4. I'm thinking of an oil immersion desk pc with a fountain. I need some original ideas ples. Eg aurus made aquarium pc with fish and shit. I want unique build.
  5. Fuck this project Apparently it won't work
  6. I got high budget And I changing gpu cooling I might not use nuc tho instead lattepanda alpha
  7. I may not have rad but instead cool reservoir via peltier. Am worried about ice but I will figure out
  8. Do you think that I could support it in any way
  9. Thx did not know. Anyway I could get around this?