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  1. Thanks! I'm from Italy. As budget i'll say max $1500/€1500. In terms of weight the laptops i own are around 2.7-3kg which is fine..less is better of course.
  2. Hi Guys! First time posting here. I was hoping to receive some suggestions on a possible deal i was looking forward to conclude in the next few days. I'm currently using an Asus N580VD FI038T which features an i7-7700HQ, screen up to 4K res., Gtx1050 4gb, 16gb Ram, 512 Ssd and 1tb Sata. Since i wanted some extra boost while doing my music production & design stuff i bought a Mi Gaming Notebook (i7-7700, 16gb Ram, 256gb SSD, 1tb SATA, and a Gtx1060 6gb) for about $800 while on offer. Basically this one: https://it.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_1698596.html I've barely set it up cause i was looking forward to organize everything between the external drives and the Asus in first place and then move on the MI. Thing is...today i've seen another Mi Gaming notebook and a sudden regret bout' the latest purchase kicked in....as this time featuring an i7-9750H, Gtx2060, 144Hz screen, 16gb Ram, 512gb Ssd and the usual 1tb Sata. for about $1450. https://www.banggood.com/Xiaomi-Gaming-Laptop-15_6-inch-Intel-Core-i7-9750H-NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX2060-144Hz-16GB-GDDR4-RAM-512GB-PCle-SSD-Notebook-p-1585486.html?rmmds=cart_middle_products&ID=3162&cur_warehouse=CN So now i'm stuck wondering if i should go for that one considering the hardware specs and sell the other two notebooks (got a possible buyer for the Asus already) or just keep the first MI with GTX1060 and wait for something else later on. I've no experience with the 20xx series of cards and beside knowing bout' the raytracing features that latest games support other than 3d modelers suck as Blenders via add-ons, i was also wondering if there's issues of any sort while using them on Windows10. Any info and suggestion is appreciated!