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  1. I have a R5 1600.About a month back my RX 480 died.It has always been mounted in the first PCIE slot on my Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3 motherboard.I had an HD 6570 laying around which I decided to use as a back up untill I could get a new GPU.Even though it has always worked with no problems and requires no additional power connectors I went ahead and ran the OCCT power stress test just to be sure. After a couple of minutes the screen went black,rebooted,ran the test again,same result.After that I ran the OCCT 3D stress test and in a matter of seconds got hundreds of errors detected,screen goes black(I use this phrase because if I have music or something playing in the background it continues to play,so I assume the system doesn't actually crash but somehow the video signal gets affected),even though the CPU and GPU were running at stock(the 1600 was running a stable OC of 3.8GHz @1.37V, prior to the 480 diyng,but I went back to stock settings after),with the only "overclock" being the active XMP profile in the BIOS. Ran both memtest86 and memtest64 for multiple passes,no issues found,so I think it's highly unlikely the RAM is faulty. Ran the OCCT CPU test,Cinebench R20,all good,so I guess the CPU is fine too. I'd like to note that when running prime95+Furmark for over an hour nothing happens,no crashing,no screen going black,seems 100% stable(I know 1 hour is low for thorough stability testing but I think it's still interesting since when using OCCT the issue occurs in a matter of seconds or minutes at best).Also,when running the OCCT tests with HD 6570 on a LGA 775 system nothing happens. I went on a limb and got a new PSU(Seasonic GC Core 650) just because, since I would get a new GPU anyway,even though my Seasonic S12II 520 has never given me any sort of trouble.Ran both OCCT tests with the new PSU,same results,at which point I concluded it must be the motherboard.I mounted the HD 6570 in the second PCIE slot(up untill this point it was mounted in the one in which de 480 died).Ran the power and 3D tests for over 20 minutes each,no issues,so I thought problem solved,it was the B350 all along.My theory was,although I don't know if it's possible and sounds highly unlikely to me,that when my 480 died(it died while I was using the PC) it somehow damaged the PCIE slot in the process. I swaped the B350 for a Gigabyte B450 S2H which I briefly used for a month with a 3400G.Ran the stress tests,everything seemed fine. Fast forward a couple of weeks to now,I ran the OCCT 3D and power tests on the same B450 board and the "crashes" are back.The B450 has only one PCIE slot. Using various BIOS versions for both motherboards leads to the same results. Sorry for this story being so convoluted but I hope some of you have managed to follow along,so my question is this:am I the unluckiest person in the world and have stumbled upon two semi-faulty motherboards(the B450 is still under warranty) or is it possible that my issues with the OCCT stress tests have something to do with the fact that I`m using a Ryzen 5 1600 given that that prime95 and Furmark don't lead to any sort of crash and OCCT,using the same GPU on another platform,also doesn't appear to manifest any issues.
  2. Long story short PC doesn't post,ruled out every other thing and it's either a faulty mobo on arrival or I've somehow damaged it in the assembling/troubleshooting process.Weird thing is,I've now reached a point where ,if the CPU(Ryzen 5 3400G) is properly seated with the socket latch secured,the cooler and PSU fans only spin for a brief second after shutting down.If,however,I only insert the 3400G without securing the latch , it powers on with both fans at full speed.I get no post either way but I find this too peculiar not to mention and I can't seem to find anything related when doing a quick search.Also worth pointing out that the PC powers on only when pressing the PSU switch,using a button or shorting the pins doesn't have any effect.