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  1. Never-mind I figured it out
  2. Do you know how to do that
  3. I upgraded my computer a couple months ago and thought about how I could now play modded Minecraft but after trying to play a mod pack from twitch launcher it still was unplayable. I checked the system requirements for the mod pack and my computer more than met the requirements and I tried several different packs and they all didn’t work well but I met the requirements for all of them. My computer has a ryzen 7 2700x, 16gb of 3000 MHz ram, amd Radeon Rx 570.
  4. If you want to know what it looks like just google Lenovo thinkstation e32 mobo and it’s right next to the SATA ports
  5. Hello I am helping a friend build a computer but I had a problem with the case. I had an old Lenovo Thinkstation e32 that I wasn't using and decided to use its case for the project. When I was unplugging cables from the old mobo I thought things seemed odd butt ignored it until I installed everything and realized the Front panel usb cable was very different from the normal 20 pin that you see most of the time. I would like to make this part of the case work for him so is there an adapter that exists or maybe something to help make it work with the new motherboard.
  6. So I’ve been looking into getting a new power supply and there is the gamemax rgb 850 watt psu for $150. On amazon it has five stars but there are only four reviews and only two are verified purchases. It is rated an 80+ Gold certified so I think it’s probably fine but it also seems like a cheap Chinese brand.
  7. No not to my knowledge I believe this will only show me the connected devices
  8. Hello so I have been thinking about getting an HTC vive wireless adapter but I have a ryzen cpu. I found a fix for this in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=147&v=-dt6k0wJ7HY&feature=emb_logo. Which says that you need to look at your motherboards IRQ channel sheet which my MOBO manufacture doesn't provide. My Mobo is a MSI X370 gaming pro carbon and i cannot find an email to contact then nor any documentation on this mobos IRQ channels.
  9. Today when I went on my computer to play with my friends but my mic wasn’t working as it had worked the last time I used it about a week earlier. I checked all the connections and they were fine so I unplugged my headphones and plugged them back in and my computer notified me that something was plugged in to the front panel mic jack so I knew that the mic jack wasn’t broken. I plugged the headphones into my phone and it worked there so I knew my mic worked just not on my computer.
  10. Hello I’ve been wanting to use Miracast with my computer and tv but my graphics card (Radeon rx570) is not Miracast supported. I was wondering if you need a network card and gpu that support miracast or one or the other? If so what network cards support miracast because I am unable to purchase a new gpu.
  11. I understand that it will trigger this but I don’t understand why my digital license which would work isn’t
  12. Thanks for the help that worked but now I’m having an issue with my windows digital license I’ll click on the change hardware then it has me select my computer then loads for a bit to tell me that the activation failed and to try again. Any ideas?
  13. Okay thanks for the help I will look into getting a first gen ryzen cpu to update the mobo bios.
  14. Yes all cables are connected and everything lights up and the fans turn on. I have a Corsair AX 750 which I have checked and is plenty for my computer. Also the EZ debug lights on the mobo are all off indicating that their are no problems with any components. Hopefully this helps
  15. Hello I just got some new parts to upgrade my pc and the computer won’t post/boot. I got a MSI x370 gaming pro carbon, ryzen 7 2700x, Corsair vengeance pro rgb 16gb 3000mhtz. My gpu is an msi armour mk 2 Radeon rx570. We have tried everything that most things suggest but nothing will make it post. Any ideas?