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  1. psu is powering up everything else, motherboard is working fine (based on rgb light in mb and ram). could only 1 particular socket or cable in psu be at fault.
  2. I was playing battlefield 5 and my screen went blank. The issue is not with the display as i connected the pc to another screen and didnt work. Both display port and hdmi give no display. Opened the case, and the graphics card fans dont run on booting. They used to before. The last thing i can check if the power supply cable to gpu not working. Everything else seems to be working. Is it safe to assume that the issue is with the graphics card? Is anything else i should check. powercolor red dragon 5700xt on x570 motherboard with r5 3600, 16 gb ram.
  3. i tried cleaning the thermal paste with alcohol, but had used a little too much before. Hence u can see in the pic that on the side of the cpu i have some stuck. Should i clean it? If yes how? Or is it okay?
  4. unsure if i put the cooler right? also, how do i check GPU temperature?
  5. i guess you can see the ridges in the pic. its not completely smooth to touch. shouldn't it be? should i go ahead?