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  1. Though i just thought is it safe to do on the C drive? I don’t want to risk it if it can potentially screw up my Windows
  2. I just saw someone else’s reply about reformatting the drives and tried that so my drives are wiped now but thanks for helping!
  3. Alright I never heard of doing that before so I just tried and now I formatted both drives I wanted cleaned so thanks for making me realize I could do that I always thought that you had to reset to completely wipe the drives
  4. Alright well I saw someone else mention that I could just reformat the drives so I turned it off and back on and just did that instead as it was 2 specific drives that I wanted cleaned so they’re wiped now
  5. Reset as in to remove all files off the PC
  6. Oh I didn’t realize that I forgot to say it was a hard reset.
  7. Hi so I decided to hard reset my PC today to get rid of excess files and it won’t give me a progress bar or loading circle and was curious if I should try turning off my PC as I know it may not be recommended but it’s been like this for almost an hour now and I’m starting to feel like I should.
  8. Alright thanks! To be honest the sound doesn’t bother me much and my headset is also sound cancelling so that helps as well
  9. I was messing around with MSI Afterburner and realized I could change the fan speed to 100% so I did then I decided to try playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on max specs with ray tracing enabled on my RTX 2080 super and my temps never exceeded or went below 33°C would this be okay?
  10. so update the screen im pretty sure can now be considered dead as it still displays but I can't see anything but random colors as it will randomly change them and its one solid color and every post here till this one was also through the phone and this one is through my laptop
  11. I dropped my phone yesterday and nothing happened until about 12 hours later as I went to bed after and woke up to just the black line then a few hours later the screen started freaking out and changing color constantly and we took it to At&T who is our phone provider and they didn’t tell us anything besides to call their warranty claim