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  1. aight thanks btw my 3 2200G has likr thermal paste on one of its pins on the side.Is it okay if I dip it in alcohol then use a toothbrush to clean it off
  2. nope but im sure its a pretty old one
  3. I also have a ryzen 3 2200G is that old enough to work on the mobo to update the bios?
  4. Ok so I got a new mobo but I think the bios is not up to date with my cpu a ryzen 5 3600.Can I still use the cpu on the mobo and then update the bios from there?
  5. 16gb ram 1060 card and ryzen 5 3600.what do u mean by what type of pre built
  6. Ok so I have a ryzen 5 3600 and my old mobo is dead so I bought a new one which is a GA-A320M-H but when I checked on pc partpicker there was no ryzen 5 3600 compatible to it.So my quesrion is are they compatible but pc partpicker just didnt put it there or are they not
  7. it was prebuilt.So I have to get the same exact mobo?why cant it be a different mobo thats compatible with my components if its pre built?
  8. Hello,so uhm my motherboard is dead and im planning on getting a new one.Do I have to get the same exact one I had or another motherboard thats compatible with my cpu,gpu and ram.Its a prebuilt system btw
  9. My friend has the same issue and we have the exact same pc.He installed his old cpu back but still cant turn on
  10. I already updated my bios to p.6 b4 installing the cpu and I have a gtx 1060 already installed.