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  1. Using ryzen master I turned my ram up to 3600 and my computer wouldn’t boot after that, so I cleared cmos
  2. So I’ve recently got a new pc with a 2070 super, and according to benchmarks, on siege I should be getting high 200 FPS. Apparently even 1660 ti get around 160 FPS. Both are benchmarked on 1080 and ultra.I’m hovering around 130 only on high settings, and 1080p, so could it be a system problem or gpu problem? specs ryzen 5 3600x msi 2070s ventus oc msi b450i gaming plus ac 8gb*2 3600 g.skill ripjaws 1tb intel 660p ssd corsair sf600 plat
  3. The title really says it all. i have a noctua fan and I want to fit it with my color scheme but I’m not sure if I have to take it apart or not
  4. All cables are correct, and are all in tight. Still doesn’t turn on if hdmi is in gpu, no fans turn on still
  5. It’s doesnt have a sticker but I read that 3rd gen ryzen can be used on a 2nd gen compatible mobo
  6. I don’t have another pc to test the psu, any other way to test?
  7. Tried that one already, also tried poking them together in case screwdriver wasn’t conductive
  8. Specs Ryzen 5 3600 msi b450i gaming plus ac rtx 2070s ventus G.skill ddr4 8gb x2 3600 intel 660p 1tb ssd Sf600 psu 600 watt plat rated I’ve assembled everything together, but it won’t post. Nothing turns on, no fans turn on, psu doesn’t turn on. The outlet I plugged into definitely works and all cables are in. I’ve already watched the no post videos and nothing works. can anyone help me?