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    Ryzen 3600x
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    Asus Prime X470 Prime Pro
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    Corsair 16gb Vengeance Rro
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    Gigabyte Vega 56
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    Corsair 220t
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    Crappy HP 15" Thing

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  1. You could try safe mode, or maybe turn off McAfee and reboot and try. Idk I've been lucky with my McAfee pre-installation luck
  2. Updated a section of VPN (06/29/20)
  3. I will make sure of these claims (almost every VPN's marketing revolves around this) then add it if I feel it's appropriate
  4. It looks like a lighting issue. I wouldn't be surprised though if it was a mistake though, they made a lot of others
  5. Depending on the leaks, it could be dangerous for the leaker. For example, if an engineer at Intel or AMD wants to leak something and they do it here, it would be pretty easy to trace it back to the original person
  6. For Google, Apple, other software giants STOP SHARING USER INFORMATION Sure, they're mostly all based in America, where they're compelled to share information with the government. (side note, it's been found that practices used by the NSA and the CIA to be unconstitutional in America) but they also share information with other companies. Facebook for example most likely has some data relating to you, even if you've never used it due to them having tracking services on a lot of websites and apps. They could always just not allow companies to do that. But alas, money. Everything is driven by money in the corporate world, and also what would prevent a mass exodus of users to a competing service. Also, can the internet stop using Java script. It's a great language, with great features, but it can be used maliciously really easily. And good looking websites can be made without it. Simple, but not ugly.
  7. Make sure everything is plugged in correctly, especially the 24 pin. It may feel like you pushing too hard, but you aren't.
  8. If the front IO is plugged in correctly, and the PSU fan doesn't spin, it's either the mother board or the PSU. Is there any clicking when you turn it on?
  9. Do the fans spin when you press the power button?
  10. I started up a game and forgot to turn off F@H. This led to a crash. I hard reset (used the reset button) because there was lag, and I couldn't do much after the crash. Now the client isn't connecting. Sooo, help plz
  11. How long will it take this time?
  12. I forgot to mention what distros are the best. Tails is the best, and I think Whonix is also good, but only for a vm I think