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  1. In the picture i can see xmp is enabled still shows 2133
  2. But why is my bios saying 2133mhz It all use to say 3000 why all of a sudden is has changed
  3. But why did it use to show 3000mhz and my girlfriends pc still shows 3000 and also bios shows 2133
  4. Did you do thepower buttion and resetswitch correctly
  5. Ram is not running at 3000 mhz with emp enabled... it use to be fine Nzxt software use to show 3000 now it shows 1500
  6. you are correct it did desable sata 1 port. port 2 works you legend thank you
  7. i got a new m.2 once installed my old ssd wont show with all my games. when i remove the m.2 the ssd reapairs