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  1. You'll hit the same clocks, you won't get errors, but the performance will drop. Test it and see. A billion dollar company isn't stupid that they couldn't test some undervolt. They know how their chips work.
  2. You'd need h300 series mobo. Its as simple as going to the manufacturer support page and checking it. https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/H110M-ECO.html supports 6th gen. 9100f is 9th gen.
  3. That doesn't look like it went inside anything so you're lucky. If you wiped it quickly there won't be rust either.
  4. If you pay for Ryzen 7 or 9 you can easily pay for a GPU that is way better than an integrated one.
  5. You don't need to look for a solution because its right there. If you removing the ram is the only variable then that caused the problem. Remove the ram and try with 1 stick. If it persist, move the ram to the other slot and try again.
  6. On single core loads and short bursts its normal. This q has been asked a bunch myself included. On all core loads V will drop to 1.3 range.
  7. Just shutdown without any errors when gaming indicates to me a PSU issue. Try 2 seperate cables instead of 1 on the gpu.
  8. Put it under the desk, not on the desk.
  9. I have the same card and can confirm this wave-y fan noise. its audible from 900rpm onwards. Its new so didn't think of cleaning the fans and they both hit 3100+ rpm with trixx fan health test.
  10. Age and performance aren't the same thing. @OsJammer First go bench your GPU and compare with overall scores of that card. You might have just changed some graphics settings or you might just be feeling like there is performance loss when there isn't. If there is a performance loss, I doubt a card could be "half broken. Check if your case is clean, check the fan curves and make them more agressive. Uninstall the drivers, run driver cleanup utility and install the latest drivers. Also delete all the bloatware that is running in the background when gaming. That card can't really bottleneck that cpu. Perceivably at least.
  11. I'd not call it a bottleneck because what you are doing is not a CPU task. And from the GPU side, you won't bottleneck a 3600 even with a 2080ti probably.
  12. its not like 10 year old cpu is 10 year old car. it still works as it was 10 years ago and they are way more than enough for browsing. In fact even for photoshop, 720p video editing etc. Even today ultra low power laptops are sold that are pretty much equal with these cpus. You don't think anyone would get a laptop that can't browse now do you?