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    i7 4790K
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    Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1600MHz
  • GPU
    MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G
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    Fractal Design Define R5
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    Corsair 750W RM750 Gold
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    Noctua NH-D15 Elite

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  1. I think you are on to a GPU issue if OCCT memtest is surfacing the issue. Faulty hardware is well beyond my area of capability. May be worth hunting through the forum for potential stop-gap solutions. If your issue is VRAM then a replacement card sounds likely. Good luck.
  2. Hi pu1uep, TL;DR: Purchased new graphics card for reliability. — Troubleshooting in the last post was down to hardware. PSU has been ruled out as an issue (even though it is ageing). Trying different hardware has shown no issue with PSU. GPU I got some stability by giving the card a through clean - without pulling the card apart. Still had intermittent issues. Thinking about reapplying thermal paste etc. have not yet actioned. Purchased a new card to get up and running while I troubleshoot. Intending to build a second PC with the old parts as a test environment/backup. Not sure if this information helps. Let me know if you have further specific questions. TK.
  3. Thanks Mark, agree PSU and GPU swaps would be ideal. Don't have another PC in the house that I can switch parts with. Would need to purchase. If I'm going to do that I would prefer to swap out and upgrade. This is when dollars become relevant to what to purchase and in what order.
  4. Just finished a OCCT Power test - 30 minutes 100% utilisation for both CPU and GPU. CPU 81-82 degrees, maxed at 84. GPU 65 degrees, maxed at 66.
  5. Have been busy, here are the results. Tested hardware on different OS: Loaded Pop!OS onto a USB and ran Unigine Heaven (Ultra) for two hours inc. a benchmark. CPU 57 degrees, max 64. GPU 71 degrees, max 72. Thought issue may lie with Win10. Wiped machine, formatted disk, loaded fresh Win10 and updated security packs. Loaded MSI Afterburner, OCCT, and Unigine Heaven. Was able to benchmark Unigine Heaven and run for 20 minutes. CPU 50 degrees, max 60. GPU 63 degrees, max 64. Lost screens about two minutes post run. Powered down machine and rebooted. Lost screens on windows log in. Powered down and rebooted, got new - never seen before - error message before boot sequence “Please power down and connect PCIe power cables to this graphics card.” Check cables to GPU and PSU, nothing loose. Rebooted and ran OCCT GPU 3D for ten minutes, no screen loss. After all that, I am unsure if I am to trust the GPU and/or the PSU. Thoughts? Different suggestions?
  6. I’ll have a go tomorrow with a live Linux USB and see what happens. Will post back then. Thanks.
  7. Haven’t tried a different OS yet. Any recommendations on USB bootable Linux distro? I have Debian on a VirtualBox. PSU is nearly five years old.
  8. Win10 all up to date. DDU 441.66 and retrograde to NVIDIA driver version 441.20 (22-Nov-19). Ran OCCT GPU 3D and crashed in two minutes with GPU temp in mid 60s.
  9. CPU temps generally low. Idle circa 28 degrees. Gaming Minecraft circa 55 degrees. Gaming Doom 2016 circa 60 degrees. Gaming Project Cars circa 60 degrees. OCCT and Linpack pushes CPU circa 65 degrees with specific cores 70-75 degrees with consistent load for over an hour.
  10. Hi LTT forum gurus - long time listener, first time caller. Seeking guidance on troubleshooting my MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming GPU randomly crashing. Sometimes within minutes, sometimes I get a few hours. If I start to push the GPU usually within 30-60 seconds a crash occurs. Crashes have only occurred in the past ten days - started early Dec-2019. Really stable for years prior to this. Have made no hardware adjustments or modifications in the last year. PC is still powered on, network continues, sound (MP3) continues, just no video (no audio if from game). On crash GPU still has power and fans are spinning. Have to hard reboot to get the screens back. Depending on crash infrequently EUFI asks to have setting adjusted or Windows 10 boots into recovery. Any guidance and/or assistance is greatly welcomed. Things that I have tried so far: Wound back mild GPU overclock. Upgraded NVIDIA driver to latest 441.66. DDU driver and reloaded latest directly download from NVIDIA site. Memtest PC RAM - no issues. Unigine Heaven benchmark crashed 7/10 benchmark runs. OCCT (v5.4.2) tests: CPU OCCT (large data) over one hour - no issues. CPU Linpack (2019) over one hour - no issues. GPU 3D without error detection - crash within 45 seconds. See image OCCT note temp is 56 degrees Celsius. GPU 3D with error detection - crash within a minute. GPU Memtest one hour - no issues. Thought I'd ask the community what I can try next. N.B. Ambient temp 20-25 degrees Celsius. GPU temps > 60 decrees Celsius. PC Specs: i7 4790K. 16 GB RAM. MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming. Corsair 750W RM750 Gold PSU. Crash scenarios: Just after boot into windows. Surfing the net. Watching YouTube. Gaming - see image MSI Afterburner of second before crash about 45 seconds into a game - note temp is 39 degrees Celsius. Idling. Any and all of the above in combination. Thanks in advance. TK.