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    AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
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    Asrock X570 Phamtom Gaming 4
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO Series 32 Go (4 x 8 Go) DDR4 3600 MHz CL18
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    ZOTAC GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER AMP
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    Corsair MP600

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  1. In here, the Aeron 2 is 1500€ full option. An Aeron Classic used, no option is 650€. Don't really know what to do but... Nowaday I might get a good deal for a new one by calling some shops. Thanks to Covid-19, people are not working and really need some money so... I might get a good deal for a new one !
  2. Hmmm... @Quackwich... You might have made me change my mind... The Aeron 2 seams great !! I need to think about that...
  3. Well, I actually look at them and... The only one I like is the lounge chair which is not really a desk chair... And is "kind of" expensive. BTW, when I said that budget is not a problem, that is not exactly accurate. Let's say that I can go up to 800€ maybe 1000€ if it is really worth it.
  4. Hi everyone. I need a new desk chair... I have the old one of my grand pa... Who passed out in 2000.... So this chair is more than 20 years old for sure ! Probably around 25 years old... It was a good one but... well, it's old and I feel like I am sitting on a piece of wood ! Anyways. I don't know what to take... So first of all, here is what I am gonna do with it : - work on computer - watch videos - surf on the internet - listen to music - play video game It is going to be used during 8 to 10 hours per day. I don't really like the look of the "gaming" chairs unfortunatly, I feel like they are the best chair on the market. Any advice ? I want something that is going to last long. Budget is not a problem if I can keep it for the next 10 to 20 years. I like the Secretlab TITAN. Unfortunatly, I don't have any shops around here to try anything but cheap stuff. Thanks y'all ! edit : keep in mind that I live in France and not in the US ! edit 2 : Oups, I forgot... I am 1.8m tall I weight 75kg.
  5. Hmmm, here is something even wierder... During the weekend, I've been watching my youtube videos from EDGE. No problem. But, every time, I was launching them first through chrome by accident, I got the stuttering, and then went back to EDGE. All weekend, I had the problem. Today, I had to send the screen to RMA because of some dead pixel. So I put back my old screen As usual I played first the videos on chrome and... no stuttering. Nothing. Everything is OK. The screen that I sent back for RMA is an MSI Optix 2560p while my old screen is a Iiyama Prolite Full HD. Can a screen cause such a problem ?? nb : the msi screen was plug in with an Display port cable while the Iiyama is plugged to the computer with a Display port to DVI cable. hmmm, the post might have my answer : Maybe I have the same problem. We'll see when my screen comes back !
  6. Hi guys, I have some stuttering problem in some youtube videos. So first of all, you have an exemple attached. You can clearly see it at 11s, 13s and even better at 16s. So first of all, I thought it was coming from the video but I get it in many video, only when using chrome. And, for some reason, I have no problem on some other videos such as Linustechtips videos. Here is what I tried : - reinitialize chrome using the advanced settings tab => not working - reinstall chrome using the chrome installer => not working - remove completly chrome using windows unstaller then reinstall => not working - remove chrome using revo uninstaller (and remove everything revo is telling me I can remove) then reinstall => Working ! For a couple hours... and then I get the problem again. - use Internet Exploser... oups, I mean Edge => working perfectly but I get some adds as I can't install ublock neither adblock plus - using chrome with ublock or addblock plus or none of them => not working I don't get it... Any idea ? I bet I do something wrong as it is working during a couple hours if I reinstall it properly but I don't know what I am doing wrong as I am only using internet to go on some forums and youtube and couple "regular" web sites. I am not doing anything that is not "standart". Thanks y'all ! 20200327_112011.mp4
  7. Yep, thank you very much !
  8. Well... I installed NVidia latest driver and... Problem's gone... I can use Vulkan or OpenGL, I am playing at a rocking steady, 144FPS without any issue. I check the CPU and it is chilling at 20% usage without any core at 100%. Seems like problem solved... I don't really understand why as the game is old and nvidia's drivers must be great for that game for years so... does not makes sense to me, but it works which was the goal ! Thanks y'all !
  9. @piratemonkey So I tryed to download latest Vulkan drivers and.... It gives me a link to NVidia's driver which I did not have the latest as NVidia released some new drivers today. I am going to try with those. I don't have the latest BIOS but the previous one. According to Asrock, the lastest BIOS give me "Support individual SATA port control". Does not seem to be somthing I need for my FPS problem.
  10. Yeah, don't worry, I'll try all of this this evening so it is in like 8 or 9 hours ! You might be up !
  11. @piratemonkey All right. I am going to try that this evening ! I'll let you know if it works or not !
  12. I am using Display Port.
  13. @piratemonkey ok. What about OpenGL ? As I have all of nvidia drivers update, it should work correctly doesn't it ?
  14. So checked the BIOS version on Asrock Web site. I have either the last one or the one before (I don't have that computer with me right now). It is not an older version for sure. I updated NVidia's drivers this week. So, they are up to date for sure. But, I don't know about the Vulkan driver. I need to double check that !
  15. @piratemonkey Yes. It was up to date 1 month ago. Don't know if they released a new BIOS since then.