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  1. lulz @ vice grips and torch. ballz. had no idea AMD been using solder for that long. thanks for sharing the links, will read through them and hit you up about that IHS if we delid it. probably will, we've done a bunch of 1151 with the rockitcool delid tool. been thinking about messing with the soldered chips for awhile and now we have a good excuse.
  2. free IHS is unexpected and appreciated. would suck to buy a working cpu and trash it just so we can harvest the IHS. whats your method for delidding ryzen? we plan to heat with hot plate, delid with delid die mate, quicksilver to clean up solder.
  3. how much for the IHS? do you know if the AM4 and AM3 IHS are the same? there are AM3 dual cores on ebay for $5. he isn't gonna ship this out to somebody to delid. tampa FL. he is unlikely to sell it for cheap cause he wants to tinker with it and make money for a working cpu. i will keep you in mind if he wants to dump it as is.
  4. he doesn't think lapping will salvage it. i tend to agree. maybe we can try as a last ditch effort but it sounds likes he wants to delid it. he doesn't like electronic payments so selling online ain't gonna happen. not sure if it works.
  5. i know pics would be nice but it's going to be awhile before i can get them. it's not really gonna make a difference what it looks like though cause he has already made up his mind. he is either going to sell it as is or he is going to swap the IHS. he prefers to swap the IHS cause he knows he won't get much as is but if he swaps the IHS he can make a nice profit. more than likely i will PM shrimp for the ryzen 1200 IHS but would be nice to know if it's the same size or not before we throw money at this.
  6. thought about lapping, but the scratches are pretty deep. don't think it's gonna work. would sand away too much of the IHS. the pins are not damaged. we know about the risk of delidding. he got the cpu for next to nothing and he is ok with the risk. not trying to talk him out of it. just trying to figure out if spending the money on another AMD cpu for the IHS is something that will work.
  7. deep scratches, to the point it's more like a gouge. kinda looks like somebody went at it with an ice pick. i will ask for some pics next time i see him. i know the soldered IHS is going to be a pain to get off but i've seen nexus and debaur get the job done. i figured the copper IHS would be a long shot but was hopeful a cheap AMD dual core IHS would work. the height difference can be worked around by sanding down the IHS. debaur had to do that cause liquid metal doesn't occupy as much space as the solder and the IHS wasn't making good contact on the cpu.
  8. buddy of mine has a 3950 with damage on the IHS. trying to figure out how to handle it. only ideas we have is try a rockit cool copper IHS even though they are meant for intel or buy a cheap AM3/AM4 dual core CPU and harvest the IHS. what do you guys think?
  9. i would like the G-shift mode to be activated on my keyboard. i'm being told i can do that with any keyboard. i don't believe this is accurate. i would appreciate a second opinion. i know if i'm using a logitech gaming keyboard i can customize the keyboard buttons in G-hub. but i'm not using a logitech gaming keyboard. if i don't have a logitech keyboard, i believe i can only assign keyboard keys to the mouse. i can not assign the mouse keys (the G-shift button) to my standard keyboard.
  10. noticed there is no XMP profile in the bios. i did find DOCP which seems to be like XMP profile. but when i use it my board won't post. i tried manual settings too 3000 CL15 v1.35. that didn't work either. wondering if my sticks are bad or if there is some other settings i have to adjust to make ryzen play nice with my ram.