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  1. I would preferably buy from amazon. Im undecided on tube fitness
  2. Yeah just for cpu rn, i will buy a gpu waterblock down the line
  3. Ok, thx for informing me, would u reccomend any parts or mixes
  4. Whats your guys opinion on opaque coolants. The theme of my build is purple and white and im looking at an opaque white coolant. Should i buy premixed opaque coolant or make it myself
  5. Yeah, i figured id have to air blast it quite regularly, i am thinking of doing hardline. It just looks far better than soft tubing
  6. Im looking for a list of parts or a kit. I wouldnt mind buying the parts separately.
  7. 3600x, looking to upgraade to 3950x, msi b450 a pro, evga 1080ti sc black, 2 sticks corsair ram, and a thermaltake p3 case.
  8. I am about to move my pc into a thermaltake p3 case and i want to replace my stock amd cooler for a open loop system. Does anyone have any kit/parts they would recommend? My budget is prefferably under 400$
  9. Ik, i was just wondering if quad was that big of a performance booster
  10. Yeah, i already got 4 sticks of 3600 hence me asking. My mobi and processor arent great
  11. Im considering upgrading my cpu and i wanted to know if a 7890xe or a 2950x would be better. This build would be used for gaming, streaming, and video editing.
  12. I have a 3600x and kind of came to this conclusion, i just wanted a more experienced opinion. It seemed as though these old chips were comparable to new ones
  13. I was wondering if a i7 6950x is still a good chip today. A friend is selling one for 300$ rn and i was wondering if its at all worth it?