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  1. Thank you very much! I tried everything you posted but at the end nothing changed.. So I'm just returning the Motherboard and I'll see what happen. Again thank you for the help! Have a great day! N.
  2. Hi everyone! I recently bought all the component for my first workstation, taking my time and safe measure (anti static wrist strap) yesterday I started to build it. Finished, double checked everything, I booted the system for the first time and I entered the bios. Here I checked that all the component were recognized and found that the 2x ram stick were a little bit slower than they are, so I just clicked on "XMP", it found the right memory and i just saved. Made a Usb windows installer and Installed windows 10 Educational. Everything worked just fine so one of the first thing i tried in windows was to activate bluetooth and pair my keyboard and mouse without a great success: it paired but i couldn't use it. So I plugged a ethernet cable and just went to update windows. The system found 3 update, downloaded them and started to install. When they finished to install it asked for a restart of the pc, so i just clicked and everything went wrong. The screen went black, the system entered a sort of "boot loop" (every of the component seems to work, start the fans but never boot), Dram red led is on and there is an error code "4d". I'm not more able to boot (screen black, no input), I can't access the bios (tried clicking delete key but nothing happens). It seems like I can't do anything. Since than I tried to: - Consulted the manual + forum - Check that every cable was connected - Re-seated the Ram (tried first with 1 stick in every slot, than with the other one, and with both at the same time) - Checked the Ram (pins seems fine, the only thing I noticed is that when i power the system the rgb of the ram light up a bit slower, maybe 5 seconds) - Unmounted everything and rebuilded outside the case - I checked the 3950x CPU and the pins are perfectly ok, thermal paste re-applied and mounted aio (I even tried to loosen up a bit the aio) - Tried to boot without GPU, Ssd M.2, Usb Keyboard or mouse but nothing change - I tried to reset the cmos pushing the button on the MB and I even took out the cmos battery for 10 min - My MB has a dual bios switch: I tried to start the system with every combinations but nothing.. These are the components: - Amd Ryzen 3950x - Aorus x570 Master (Rev.1.0) - G.Skill Trident z rgb (2x 16gb, 3600) -> this was positioned in the A2, B2 ram slot - Cooler Master ML360r aio - Msi RTX 2080ti gaming x trio - wd black sn750 gaming (500gb, M.2) - Corsair RM850 I used pcpartpicker and tried my best to search components that had no issue of compatibility. Now: It's a killer rig and I worked so much for being able to buy it and now I just don't know what to do. What's strange for me it's that everything worked just fine until the windows update, no errors, no red led. How can I procede? 1) in theory Dram led = ram problem right? I don't know anyone that has build a pc so I cannot ask someone to lent me his ram to test it 2) On the motherboard it's displayed a error code "4d", but on the manual it doesn't exist.. is it possible it is D4 (PCI resource allocation error. Out of Resources)? 3) Can that be just be a defected motherboard? Or it could be the cpu or ram that failed? 4) Is it a windows problem? faulty drivers? Update? 5) Should i try to flash a new bios? I can't access the bios but I think can use "Q-Flash +" and a usb stick (I read that I have to empty every ram slot, cpu and just connect the 24pin cable, is it right?) 6) [in case] I think I can just return the component as defected. If that's the case is it safer that i return just the motherboard, just the ram sticks, just the cpu or the three together? I still have 2 weeks for the return policy and it would be a big mess if for example the problem wasn't the motherboard but the cpu or the ram... Thank you everybody for the help, sorry I really don't know what to do, I hope i was detailed enough.. Have a great weekend everyone N.