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  1. Nowadays, gamers wish to buying good looking and updated PCIe riser cables, and the manufacturers are doing their best to fulfill user satisfaction. Only a single thing can change the look of your building through a case, that is a graphics card. Since a considerable portion of the performance depends on the GPU, so you need to focus on the design of it. Cooling is the superior thing to keep your GPU safe from disturbance. There are many other thing you need to keep in mind. However, there I got this content about the best PCIe riser cables you might prefer to have for a lag free gaming experience.
  2. I guess post the list of the parts here. then people can help you out more precisely.
  3. I think XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition Graphics Card would be the best one for you. You can have your overclocking, high performing gaming experience and more. HEy, I got a content here recommended on the best GPUs for Ryzon 2600. You can check it once if yopu need to know more suggestion in this case. Here, I got some nice collections withing budget and above budget.
  4. You can double your Internet speed with pfsense load balancing. Set up VLAN and devide your network Set up IPv6 on LAN and he.net Also you cans filter traffic by squidv3 or squidguard Perform as an wifi-client.
  5. D-Link DIR-1360 can handle maximum 32 MAC adresses.
  6. ASUS RT-AC65P is best for 500mbps
  7. TP-link archer c6 for 600mbps cover more space.
  8. Its ok. What is meant is that you can use both ISP bandwidth at a time if you configure your router in that way. For more details you can contact with your service provider.
  9. You can use 2 internet connection (merge) at a time but you cannot do both upload and download from this two service provider at a time. You need to download and upoload from only one connection.
  10. You need to re-register or reinstall your windows.
  11. No, the router or the wifi does not create any restrictions on proxys. You can go to the settings on your chrome browser to set your required proxy.
  12. Check your Internet connection. Also contact to your service provider.
  13. Probably it is an ISP problem. But you can change your network cable and connector to avoid this problem.
  14. Do you use any anti-virus? If yes then please pause or exit your anti-virus then check it.or replace your network cable or LAN card.