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  1. Next to no time, manual, timings are a bit looser now, 18,22,22,38 just had a play for a hour or so trying to find something properly stable
  2. My "new" old rig, only hardware update was case and water cooling, but pretty happy with how it turned out. Specs: Ryzen 2700X 16Gb XPG spectrix D60G ram 3200 (overclocked to 3600Mhz) Asus RX570 GPU MSI B450 Carbon gaming AC Wifi SilverStone PSU 2TB and 1TB WD HDD 1TB kingston A2000 M.2 Byski (mostly) hardline water cooling 14mm tubing with EK cryofuel First water cooling loop so let me know what you think!
  3. Thanks, I was looking at the rgb ring type fans also, but most of them are pretty ugly on the bottom, all bracket and wires ? It's unbelievable to me that no manufacturer has made an RGB intake fan yet!
  4. Hey Guys, Girls and Xurs I Am building my new PC in a Lian Li pc-011 dynamic case and i want to have three fans as intake fans in the bottom of the case. What i am looking for is recommendations for the best looking RGB Fans, remembering that they are going to have to be mounted upside down, unless someone knows of some RGB fans that are configured as intake fans? Please and Thank you!! For interests sake build is: Ryzen 2700x (engeneering sample) MSI B450 Carbon AC 16Gb Adata XPG Spectrix D60G RGB LED RX570