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  1. My main reason for posting was to state hard pads are 100% easier to clean, all it takes is some paper towel and 2 minutes to clean and dry plus it won't absorb your hand sweat. I'm not really sure where this notion came from that hard pads are more difficult to clean so i wanted to add my 2 cents in-case someone comes to this thread and gets mislead. Soft pads just seem like a big inconvenience to clean compared to hard ones. At least imo
  2. Good eye.. ?️ I think OP wants to practice building a PC anyways so this is just another thing he/she can do.
  3. Pretty sure it's a thing dude I just upgraded this year from the old 750 ti i was using when I was 18 and I'm 22 almost 23 I also had the i5 4460 processor since before that and those both ran all my games perfectly fine except for very recent games. Which is why I have now upgraded so what I future proofed it for like 5 years? I'd say it's a thing.
  4. it looks fine! good luck on your pc building! I did write a few upgrades to consider but realized you were trying to assemble it yourself so if you leave it that way you will be able to upgrade in the future for sure. I'd start with the ram and hard drive maybe 16GB and a larger storage around 1TB that graphics card uses older GDDR5 memory to so you can upgrade the card at some point as well. Don't worry too much about how scary building PC's are it's really easy as long as you follow instructions from manuals or videos. It might be a bit time consuming at first trying to learn everything but man does it feel good to build your own PC and turn it on for the first time.
  5. The gpu is in the photo lol it's an RX 580
  6. I know this is an old thread but I had to say something about these people saying soft is easier to clean cause it's not. I own a hard pad and I literally have had to clean it maybe like 2 3 times? and it's like 4 years old I spilled some beer but all I had to do was dry it off with a cloth. If that had been a soft pad it would have absorbed the liquid and I'd be fucked. Hard pads don't get dust or hairs stuck all over them and if there is some you blow it off your pad or wipe it away. I haven't had any issues with hard pads besides noise. The pad i have is completely smooth and is not grating my skin like one person said but maybe that's just my pad. though if you did buy a pad that's rough like a cheese grater I have questions about your sanity. It probably varies from person to person but I never had a problem resting my wrist on a hard pad and a milimetre of softpad wont do shit lol. It's probably just too much unnecessary pressure and you should ease up on how hard you press down. My opinion though is that hard pads are superior and if they can make a silent one that would be even better. I did see one person mention travel and I could understand that reasoning for soft pads but unless you own a laptop which I don't that shouldn't really matter at all. So i guess hardpads for regular use and softpads for travel sums up my opinion on this topic. Not really sure why I'm replying to this ancient thread but maybe someone will see this lol