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  1. Hi. Im a console noob. I ordered the stadia launch edition to sometimes give people something to play at a house party. So the TV in my living room has the chromecast that was included, a raspberry for surfing etc and an older firetv plugged in via hdmi. Is there a way someone can recommend to enable me to play super Mario maker 2 on this TV without having to buy a Nintendo switch? Having looked around I really cannot find any games on stadia that I could want to play with this controller or any other games that interest me on the switch that would legitimize buying the console. Thanks in advance.
  2. Can we please address the point that most products in this space and especially the smart device companies are short lived and that most products are expensive paperweights when either the company has a server outage or even goes out of business? Let aside the stuff going on at Sonos'?
  3. I recommend the MySQL developer certificate learning book -> https://www.amazon.de/MySQL-5-0-Certification-Study-Guide/dp/0672328127/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=mysql+certified+developer&qid=1580370682&sr=8-1 Had to take it at my first employers'. Screw the cert the book is amazing!
  4. It depends so much on the data and throughput that there is no way to give you a general answer. Give Clickhouse and Cockroach a try.
  5. Because I ran it in production. The question if it makes sense is an economic one. What are the ops people maintaining the project familiar with? Ownership, TCO, SLAs, Licensing, Technical fit.... Splitting one area's data from EVERYTHING else just for the f***s of it sounds unreasonable. Doing it for scalability reasons? Yeah sure. Depends on the data, really.
  6. Microservices is all the rage - mix and match as you please. But beware: use things for what they're built for. You're just wildly mixing technology types here! -> Use Kafka as an append-only log. -> Use an RDBMS when not only you have a schema but it also makes sense. -> Redis and Memcached are plain in-memory KeyValue stores. Dont cluster Redis. Be careful when needing this persisted. -> Don't use mongodb. Just.... Don't! -> Cassandra is a time series DB. It should be used as such. But go ahead and experiment with the technologies - become fond of running them in prod and seeing where the turning knobs are when scaling.
  7. https://mashable.com/review/review-reflectacles-phantom-anti-facial-recognition-technology-glasses-frames/?europe=true
  8. Lol mongodb For storage across multiple machines I suggest you get GlusterFS running, which is pretty straightforward and well documented across the interwebs. If you need Object storage ontop of this you can set up minio ontop of this, which is a 5 minute job as well. If the project is tiny you can go with docker swarm. Not sure how long docker will hold up since their cash cow, docker enterprise, was bought off. And in the K8s space everyone and their mom went with different components instead, even RH with their Openshift.
  9. Rathermore Google using Chrome to Mine on your Computer. The memory usage is just riddiculous at this point.
  10. Iron pans. Just painful that on everyone I go I leave with yet another $100+ cooking item for 8 to 10 bucks.
  11. This is what I did. Put a AMD Firepro for 3x 29" via HDMI in a dualsocket supermicro and called it a day. I thought about what could go wrong because of the limited I/O then I thought hey everything's USB anyways, like the logitech 7.1 system, so TL;DR this went incredibly well until I went macos.
  12. Why bother? Extreme pain when something arrives broken and just unneccessarily delays the process.
  13. Do you want to turn a "dumb" TV into a "smart" TV? Do you want to access video files from a "dumb" TV? Do you want network storage for the computer(s) you use?