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  1. Hi Thanks for the answers, the problem I'm having is that I'm actually a software dev, and sometimes I do need to process big amounts of data (without going too far out of my way, my thesis for the university involved cuda/openCL/rdf/sparql and took days on end for the algorithm to finish running). I can't believe the engineers at Apple didn't consider this an issue , but I guess that they can't do everything right (because they never do haha). Just as a patch and it might help somebody else who is having the same issue, there is a github project cpulimit (works for linux/macos) that allows the user to limit cpu to certain processes, i did that so that I can only use 2-3 cores and prevent the system from discharging. Another thing I did today while processing some data was to unplug the usbc hubs I have, that saved about 20 watts (which counts for a lot when the charger is 100w and the pc was using 120w). I know that some might think that I should work on a desktop, and you'd be right, I used to work on my desktop (6700k), but lately clients have been asking for react native development as well, and i need macos to be able to program for iOS.
  2. From the ones I've tried, i like the macbook touchpads more, to put it easy, I can work with both, but don't miss a mouse as much with my macbook as opposed to my dell, or my acer or even a friends lenovo (this ones are the only ones I had lengthy experience, I tried several other touchpads, but don't think my opinion is valid for just a couple mins of usage). I can only speak for those specific laptops (don't ask me the models, can't remember them). I had a macbook air, now have a macbook pro and both have a very good touchpad experience. Just my 2 cents
  3. Hi guys! So, last January I bought a new Macbook Pro (got the 15" 2.3 i9 variant). I needed a Macbook since I need it for work reasons. The last couple weeks I've been contributing to Folding@Home with it (along with my desktop) and noticed the battery discharges, installed iStatsMenu to see power usages and it seems that with high cpu usage comes high power usage (seems logical) . The stock charger is 94w or 96w, and the computer uses around 120w, so the battery discharges at a rate of about 25w. Is there a higher wattage power adapter? And if there is, would it "work" with my macbook? (meaning, i'm not sure the usbc protocol for charging on the macbook would be able to take advantage of that) Anybody else has had this happen to them? Thanks in advance! Juan
  4. jmsmuy


    So, today I looked at my keyboard and decided to clean it up. After finishing it saw that the cleaning keyboard video had gone up in youtube ? ( Anyhow, a couple of pics of ye olde IBM Ready for 2 more years of battle
  5. Hahaha The poor dog in the picture passed away last year of a hear attack (jan 1st and she didn't like fireworks) She was called Mona, lived a very active life, went on vacations with her owners (not me), and was a tremendously good dog.
  6. Thanks for the answer! That redditer talks about maven, which is another build tool. I remember maven not doing great (I remember when I had a 4770k at work), at using more than a couple cores. Gradle is improved on that front, but I still doubt it'd be by that much I mostly use Gradle, given that npm/yarn ends up using it to compile android versions of the react native apps I develop. Seems I'll have to find another way to justify upgrading or push it into the future. Thanks again for the data
  7. Hi guys, So, I'm kind of new here, my name is Juan, and I'm from Uruguay, I've watched ltt videos for a long time, but never signed up on the forum (even though google sent me here several times ?) I'm a software developer, mainly mobile (native Android and react-native), and sometimes some Java/Grails for backend dev. I've been runninng a 6700k on an Asus Z170-A with 16gb DDR4-2400 and a 500gb samsung 850 evo ssd since early 2016. Lately I've been thinking about upgrading, it's not that the pc is not powerful enough, but I can justify spending some work earned money on my money making tool ?. 3950x looks interesting, remember I use the PC mostly for productivity, I almost never game, and when I do, it's usually X-Plane, or Minecraft, or Kerbal Space Program. So no AAA titles. There are no developer benchmarks (I guess since there are so many build tools it'd be kind of complicated), but I'm guessing gradle would see some benefits of using more cores (it currently uses ~90% for maybe a minute while building on the current project I'm working on) So the question is, are there more software devs here? Have you tried 3rd gen ryzen? is it a worthwhile upgrade? Thx in advance!
  8. Amazing to find a thread with so many pages and all about cars ? I've been mostly a lurker here, but I've seen there seems to be some love for bimmers. Here are my old means of transport: First my one true love, BMW e28 535is The car where I learned to drive, still have it, was my grandad's Fiat Spazio And my last acquisition, a 1969 Jeep CJ5 (Brazilian edition ?)