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  1. Awesome! Thanks. Contact me if you needed more information. Don't forget that in order to use the trial period offered by YouTubers you need to sign up for the yearly plan not monthly so they end up charging you for the whole year if you forget.
  2. Planning to turn on ad blocker on LTT if I see them again.
  3. This is simply wrong and untrue. You can't delete your credit card information even if you don't have an active subscription. I clarified this extensively with evidence in this thread. It's a very rare practice, and you don't seem to realize it.
  4. As I explained here, this is very important to point out that when I tried to remove my credit card from my own account, I was given the message that "you can't remove your primary card while you have an active membership" which wrongfully made me believe that I am being charged on this account.
  5. Thank you again for contacting me! Really shows how much you care about your audience and I haven't seen something like this from any other YouTuber. I am proud to be a decade long viewer.
  6. UPDATE 2: I got in contact with a manager and the issue has been resolved. Apparently, I have had also another account with the same card (my partner registered with that account). The support that I got in contact with could not find my other account (although I gave him all the information regarding my credit card and asked about it). I also suspected that I might have another account before contacting them but I couldn't login or reset the password with any of my or my partners emails. There was no way to verify that I had another account as I couldn't find any email from Skillshare in my emails and wasn't able to reset my password (I noticed later that every reset password email went to the spam folder). Nonetheless, I stand by my criticism that I had to contact them to delete credit card info even after the trial period was terminated, everyone else has to do it as well regardless of their subscription status. The user must be able to do it easily, and Skillshare should not make it long process to remove a credit card. That was all the reason I wanted to terminate my account at the beginning and what made me really nervous about their business practices, which got worse after I read online that many others had the same issue and couldn't remove their card until they got charged by Skillshare (which happened to me in this instant as well for apparently a different reason). (see the reddit page that I posted before). On top of that, for using any of the promotions from YouTube you have to choose the "yearly" plan so they can bill you for the whole year and not just one month (you are not given the option to choose the monthly plan), and everyone knows (as other users here also pointed this out) that they do it because they hope that you forget about your trial period so that they can charge you a big chunk of money. This speaks for itself that they are more focused on ensuring that they can charge the customers instead of giving them a good experience. To be honest, if I were charged for just one month (instead of for the whole year), I wouldn't be worried about it this much because it wasn't that costly and I could ensure that it's canceled next month. They may say that other companies also follow the same practice when giving trial periods, but this is not true about legitimate companies like Amazon's Audible which gives you the trial period with a monthly plan. Anyways, I am happy that this is resolved and I thank the manager who got in contact with me.
  7. The whole website is a sham as well. You're better off watching youtube videos if you want to learn something.
  8. They don't allow you to remove your credit card info after entering it. You can't even make a change to it. They count on people forgetting about their trial period. That's why that if you get the membership from any of the youtube "promotions" you have to choose the "yearly" plan so they can bill you for the whole year.
  9. Update: I finally got in touch with a sales person after two days by sending a lot of emails and messaging them on Twitter. Let's see how it goes .... Hate that I have to waste my time on something that should never have happened if their practices were less shady. When I couldn't remove my credit card, I checked out their source code and noticed that they have purposefully disabled credit card removal. The site is primarily designed so that if you don't have an active membership, you would be able to remove it (and I didn't have one, see the second attached image), but they have entirely disabled it (as an after thought) to prevent you from removing your card even if you don't have an active membership.
  10. Unfortunately I don't have access to such resources See here: https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/skillshare.com I am not the only one, there are hundreds of people facing the same exact problem especially when using promo codes. I will wait a few days and if I didn't get any response I will just cancel my credit card since I don't want them to apply any more charges on my account. I have bought several things from LTT sponsored links over the past 5 years (I even come back to their website to use their affiliated links when doing any purchase on Amazon, etc.). This website is scamming people and it is unfortunate that they gain reputation and trust through channels like LTT.
  11. Thank you for your response. I was hoping to prevent others from falling into the "trial period" trap as I've seen their ads on LTT recently. The crazy thing is that although I have been charged for the full year my account is now a "free account" (as my trial period has ended) and I don't even have access to their premium content. Some may say it's only $120, but being scammed like this hurts much more than that... Anyways thank you very much for the follow up!
  12. Already done that but my bank has horrible costumer service and do not offer much of a protection (RogersBank in Canada). They have opened a dispute but it will take 60 days to have any answer. I have all the emails and all the communications (If anyone doesn't believe what I am saying I am willing to share emails and transaction details here so others become aware and protected.) I look forward to receiving some reply from Skillshare before 60 days. I have recorded everything well and have sent them several notices of cancellation of the trial by email and have already asked them for a refund (they provide refund after you have been billed for 7 days, I sent the request 1 day after I was charged). I am not the first person facing these type of problems e.g. I couldn't remove my credit info on their website and it was a red flag so I emailed their customer service not only to delete my credit information but also to completely remove my account. Apparently they did so, but they billed me for a year after four days.
  13. Thanks for the tip! I didn't know that. Actually, I was googling for such a solution! I will be doing this onwards. Unfortunately not every site accepts PayPal. Also, I won't trust any small company with my credit info ever again. Every scam happens in these types of small online services.
  14. Hello, Just a simple Google search (only search Skillshare scam) will show you hundreds of people complaining that even if you cancel during the trial period, Skillshare will charge you and will not provide any refund. They don't even allow you to remove information about your credit card which is bizarre. I had to contact them after I cancelled my trial and had them withdraw my credit card information and delete my account after about 20 emails were sent back and forth, and eventually they did it. After 4 days I see $120 charge on my credit card even though I don't have any account with them anymore! And they don't respond to any of my emails plus they don't have any phone number in their contact. It's also bizarre (and definitely intentional) that they don't send you confirmations when you cancel your trial period or even register with them. I registered via LTT link and got scammed like many others. I have been a fan of LTT for the past many years and I trusted them. Be careful that if you trust LTT doesn't mean you have to trust the companies that pay them for advertisement. Don't be me, be smart and don't get scammed by Skillshare. Cheers,