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  1. because bofore with my old set up I didnt have any dust inside for like 5 months
  2. the 140mm at the top is without function only for looks
  3. I just finished installing my new x53 aio in my pb 600 case and after everything was done I've done a pressure test with a cigarette it sucked the smoke in in the back but not in the front it also didnt really blow out as well in the frontI have a push/pull config with 120mm fans and one 120mm as exhaust in the back after finding out I installed a 140mm under the radiator and taped the back opening (exept the fan opening) shut and it did not really change how is this possible? should I turn off the exhaust fan?
  4. I have no Idea how to do that
  5. do I need to unlock the bios first or something? also the rgb lightning of the MoBo wont turn off not even after turning off the PSU
  6. Screens stay black *didnt work*
  7. u mean strating the pc without the boot drive? should I disconnect the storage drive too?
  8. its like my pc doesnt even have a BIOs
  9. conclusion: No BIOs for mee :I
  10. The asus logo isn't even showing at stard
  11. As I sayd Advanced start doesn't work And I did everything the manual says
  12. cannot acces BIOs on asus x570-E with win 10 F2 doesn't work del doesn't work fast boot is turned off advanced stard doesn't work just upgraded to the x570 e everything installed
  13. I think I solved it the only think I can't change is the power limit which shouldn't be a problem now its running pretty fine exept that I have coil whine now