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  1. Hey, So I recently put together my first PC. Around 6 months ago. It was a budget build (under €400) and for what it is it's amazing. I have a bit of change now and I was thinking of upgrading my GPU from an AMD Radeon RX 470 to an RX 580. I have used many many Wattage calculators online and have put in my specs and gotten results ranging from 300-500 watts. Madness. My PSU is 450W so I was wondering whether I would need to upgrade that so it can power the new GPU. Here are my specs: Gigabyte GA-B85M (LGA 1150) Micro ATX MOBO i5 4690 (Not K) XFX Radeon RX 580 4GB (If I get it) (Currently with RX 470 and everything runs fine, no power shortage) 16GB DDR3 RAM (8+8) 120mm Case fans (x6) 256GB Kingston SSD 1TB 2.5" Seagate SSHD (think its 5400 RPM) Corsair CS450 PSU. The fans are RGB and I'm running them off Molex so I cant turn it off. I have an RGB keyboard and mouse aswell. The CPU cooler is also RGB. (Dont judge, it looks good, I swear ) Also have 2 USB 2.0 Dongles always in for Bluetooth and Wifi (if it makes a difference to the wattage). Now as I said I've already been on the wattage calculators. Newegg, bequiet, etc etc. I just want to know if it the wattage "estimates" are more towards the 500 or the 300. I may have a bit of change but I certainly dont have enough to go splashing on a new PSU aswell as GPU. Any help much appreciated.
  2. Nope, just bought it from CeX they sell pre owned drives. Nothing of importance to me on it anyways.
  3. Just to clarify everything heres a picture, had a problem uploading images with the original post but it's working now so this is what it looks like, it's not showing up at the top where I can format it which is annoying
  4. Recently built my first PC using used parts. Everything seems to be working great apart from this HP HDD I bought. I have a 225GB SSD which is working flawlessly but this HDD isnt initialised, it doesnt have a drive Letter and when I attempt to initialise it it hits me with an "I/O device error" . I'm guessing this means the drive is screwed? I searched fixes online and most of them involve changing the drive Letter which I obviously cant do because it doesnt have one. It shows up as Disk 1 instead. all of it is unallocated space. Tried updating drivers. I think I can return it if its busted but I'd rather make sure I'm not missing something blatantly obvious here. Anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Having only bought from G2A recently and having this experience I looked up videos and forum opinions on them and yeah you're definitely right, they're pretty much universally hated, safe to say. I guess I'd feel worse about imy purchase if It wasnt Battlefield 4 that I bought, Fuck EA. If they lose out on profit from my key then I consider that a win. But I do understand what you mean about smaller developers being hurt bad by this type of business so I'll probably not buy from them again because of that.
  6. Yeah I get you, I'm just new to PC gaming and looking for deals man I've started researching more now and understand the whole shadyness surrounding their business model now.
  7. Bought Battlefield 4 on the G2A Sale, went into origin to activate it and the key had already been used. Sent a message to the seller and rated negative on my purchase experience. This is what I get back. I've never seen a shadier customer support. Seeing as they have the option to change the rating right there I assume this is a common and accepted practice on G2A? An I the only one that has a problem with this? Its like blackmail. If they had just sent me a new key first I wouldve changed the review to positive anyways.
  8. MOBO, CPU and GPU is second hand yeah. RAM is actually new just real cheap. I'm in ireland and here we have a company Called CeX which has cheap pc parts and games, there i got my HDD and SSD which are both new. Together they were €50 including shipping. The case also was new for €31 w free shipping on amazon, it was on a special deal or something. Really good deal imo considering it can fit a full size ATX Mobo in there and came standard with ARGB hub & Water cooling capabilities (both features personally out of my price range but handy for the future.) Everything else is new.
  9. Thanks for the replies lads, Yeah I figured the AM4 Motherboard was a lot more compatible with stuff and heard AMD was more reasonably priced in general but i read that certain AMD CPUs work better with certain types/(chipsets?) Of motherboards, It kinda confused me, I found the intel LGA sockets a lot easier to understand as a newcomer, (although if I researched the Ryzens first I could be saying the same thing about them). Surprisingly the LGA1150 Mobo and CPU bought was cheaper than any AM4 Mobo and CPU I could find so that was probably the main factor for going intel. Also I start college soon (Animation) and I just really need a somewhat decent CPU straight off so if I upgrade it's not out of necessity.
  10. Unfortunately all these components had been bought at the time of posting. I guess I wont be upgrading for a while though, unless I get shockingly bad mileage out of the CPU but hopefully not. By then I should have the money for a new PSU.
  11. So, I recently inherited a lil bit of money and decided to invest in a proper PC since I'm currently using an ASUS K53E Laptop from like 8 years ago with an ancient Celeron processor and the good old HD4000 graphics. (Yes I've been gaming on it, not fun). I've gone real cheap on this becuase I still want to have some money left over, in total it cost under €400. (I already have a monitor, mouse and Keyboard) Heres the specs. Intel Core i5 4690 CPU (LGA 1150) AIGO Darkflash Shadow CPU Cooler. Gigabyte GA B85M D3V M-ATX MOBO XFX RX 470 4GB Black Edition GPU 16GB Killisre DDR3 1600Mhz RAM (2x8) GameMax Kage Case Corsair VS450 PSU 1TB 3.5" HDD 256GB Kingston SSD 6x120mm RGB fans (3 front, 2 top, 1 rear) Please let me know if I've made any compatibility errors or just stupid decisions that will lead to badness. (That crappy CPU Cooler is temporary btw). If they sound like Cheap AliExpress components it's because they are. I'm building this expecting to run into a few problems, just hopefully no problems that are too expensive to fix. I also haven't looked to see if the motherboard has an RGB header for the fans but I assume it doesnt. I'll look for a way around that maybe, maybe not. Just got RGB because it looks cool, wouldnt be too bummed if it didnt work. What do ye think? Keep in mind it's my first build so I'd appreciate anything in regard to tips or stuff that ye can give me. Thanks!