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  1. fujifilm is great! i love the colors they produce the colors really pop with excitement and the water reflection is full of interest. i might have cropped the people on the dock out and perhaps the bridge. Also the black sky is appearing a bit noisy with banding details (perhaps compression? in which case maybe just resize and edit for the thread?) that could have maybe been smoothed out. there is also lots of interesting detail on the building itself that gets washed out by the light that i might have tried to recover for more structural contrast against the glowing light. Overall a great image that really showcases the Marina Bay Sands hotel in a way I am sure they would appreciate and perhaps want to use. I am curious if you had been surrounded by shooters ala the dock? I saw a pigeon the other day and thought of this thread
  2. I concur, Pigeons are a great subject! I like how you captured a dynamic wing motion from a heroic angle, really elevates the Pigeons status and creates interest. The vertical nature of the wing makes me think it would work in a vertical composition which would also negate the distracting blur/dot in the bottom right. 35mm @2.2 200 1/2000
  3. Warranty can mean many things, without the details it's hard to comment.
  4. Darn seems Asus stripped the usb bios flashback feature as I suppose it's more of overclocking tool Might have to find another cpu to use temporarily as you we're considering
  5. Indeed we are in the 21st century ... Although I would wager the total square footage of apple stores outweighs the majority of cult headquarters lol
  6. Lol well it's just utilizing principles that have been discovered through academic research by our reveared institutions of authority .. silicon valley Cults have been doing this for thousands of years intuitively. Apple is doing this based on 'market research' , industry trends ect ... But this can all be extrapolated to older iterations like the Rajneesh movement in Oregon which is basically Apple if it were a community with a physical location
  7. Apple is a lifestyle ecosystem, they want their consumers to believe in the illusion that is the Great Apple, the more magic it appears.. the better! (Update: just watched some of the wan show and Linus calls them them the special magical apple @14:20 which is what I was expecting to be said at some point lol) They don't want anyone looking behind the curtain Perhaps Linus and Apple have lots in common Treating Apple as something else entirely works in Apples favour as it adds to the mystique ... which is really a big chunk of Apples branding strategy
  8. This will likely be moved to a troubleshooting section Asus 1-888 tech support is generally pretty helpful if things are unclear
  9. @GDRRiley a7iii with mostly rokkor glass. above 16mm fisheye f/2.8 @ maybe stopped down a bit 640 1/3400 I love photos that convey stories and emotion! Excellent night shot full of interest. The redness flooding the scene really allows the contrasting light in the centre to become a focal point that aligns with pleasing water cannon effect, very strong. Effective composition for drawing ones attention into the frame overall. I would have maybe considered shooting this as a vertical although it does fill the frame well as is. Feels very cinematic and dramatic. Fire and water together in a scene is pure magic Sigma 35mm 1.4 @ 2.0 2000iso 1/200
  10. I didn't know I was incurring charges as the call forwarding + long-distance situation is not something I’ve seen before My Google pixel 1 has had many issues, the microphone malfunction being the most recent. Call forwarding was intended to temporarily receive an important call yet following this the feature itself was malfunctioning I could no longer access the call forwarding settings through the pixel (maybe a Telus issue, when assessing the setting it would say network or sim card error) and I eventually used a different phone when the issue become more clear hours on the phone with Telus to figure out what happened and than many more hours negotiating a solution over the past week has resulted in signing up for a 2 year payment plan on a new phone Google pixel, similarly to the Asus x99, was great when it was working! Yet their failures have created so many problems, especially when dealing with customer service
  11. Asus reminds me of an abusive narcissist. They have a grandiose self image; wherein we the customers should be thankful for everything that they do just because its Asus I had great customer experience, pertaining to expensive hardware in the past, with Compaq, HP and Apple .. the communications were hassle free and the solutions were timely and proper Google and Asus have left me shell shocked.. these multiple replacements leaving me with additional problems is a terrible feeling I will likely go with EVGA for the foreseeable future to safeguard against having to go through that again
  12. Do you need auto focus? I would recommend just byepassing FE unless you plan on upgrading to a newer a7 Rokkor along with many other older manual lenses are top notch. Something like a 16mm is super easy to focus for must use cases. Sure there are flaws but nothing post processing g won't easily fix with a click or two
  13. @GDRRiley Interesting pairing two ever so slightly different images in tandium. Creates a unique situation where one's eyes scan back and forth comparing details, perhaps checking to see if they are Infact the same. Composition is on point and the image is very moody which I appreciate. I like the balance of the trees and buildings. Not having a singular point of focus I suppose benefits having the two images paired. If it were a single image I would normally expect a payoff detail like a bird in the sky of something similar @Radium_Angel Natural light is brilliant for portraits and with the sun going down it certainly adds lots of tangible emotion for the model to play off of. I like the pose as she leads focus to the face but wish she pulled at her lip to create tension in the image vs hiding part of the lip detail. The background is a bit distracting with the lines fighting for attention and even more so being angular. Also there are specular highlights in the eyes, which is great, but it seems understated given how bright the skin highlights are which also fights for attention with the jewels. The overly red cast across the image and skin is a bit uncomfortable. Maybe a reflective material bouncing some of the natural light on the shadow side would have popped the eyes and smoothed the skin details every so slightly
  14. Yea I should have hung up .. It's just strange that I call Asus from a 519 number for over a month and yet I still get calls on my cell due to the RMA having multiple entries under different name spellings I think the responsibility is defused across Telus, Google, Asus and myself ... It's just a bad situation ive found myself in trying to navigate through this as a first timer
  15. Hmm yes blocking the number would have been appropriate however I do believe they called from different numbers. In any event Yea... I should have been more vigilant