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  1. What does that even mean??? I have also realized that plugging my HDD with usb a also turns it on but not for my keyboard/mouse...
  2. So I was overclocking my Ryzen 7 2700x and made it crash. I restarted and was going to go into to BIOS to reset the voltage (which I guess was too low). However my monitor wasn't showing a display and my mouse/keyboard won't lighting up.... Fans are turning, RGB on, and generally seems like nothing ever happened.I have no idea what happened. When I put my HHD (USB C) and it starts turning... Also tried putting my keyboard in the front USB A port which didn't work I reset my CMOS and it still does the same thing... Thanks in advance for the help Herbie
  3. So I recently got a new PC, running win10, with a ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING. When I'm on discord, the microphone on my headset doesn't work, but my headphones do (Seinheiser HD 4.40BT with one male 3.5mm cable). Skip a few weeks, and I get a splitter: female 3.5mm to two male 3.5mm. I plug them into their respective ports on my motherboard, and another problem arises. Now, if I'm on a call, my mic doesn't work but whatever audio is played through my headset is played through my microphone. This is where I'm at now... Thanks for any help :)