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  1. I hope apples offerings will be at least OK. Just as Apples ARM move is only positive for the competition in the desktop CPU space Apples GPU move is a positive for the competition in the GPU space. You can’t stop to wonder if Apple will be releasing stand alone GPUs also (integrated are a given) for he likes of iMac, Mac Pro and eGPU enclosures.
  2. Don’t play that much on my computer any more. I do have a Nintendo Switch, which fits my lifestyle much better when it comes to playing games and I play that regularly (and also it has Nintendo games, the best game developer/publisher). I think the only thing I do play on my compter as of late is Civ 6.
  3. The question not enough people in this thread don’t ask (and for obvoius reasons can’t answer) is: How well will Apples GPUs perform compared to AMDs offerings?
  4. How the hell can some people in this thread turn this into something negative against Apple?
  5. I know this was a sarcastic post, but with Itanium Intel at least tried. It was still fairly widely adopted in corporate server space. I am a strong belivere that if it had edged out x86 (as was the aim afaik) we would be in a better place than we are now with x86.
  6. My current macOS install has been running since 2008, only made upgrades of it and last time I switched hardware (2013) I just reinstalled from a TimeMachine backup (so basically just an image of the previous computer). I feel no need or see no reason to reinstall. I have made some maitenance (other than OS updates) by deleting some orphaned files now and then but that is it. So 12 years running on that particular OS says you do not need to reinstall it.
  7. To be honest I’m really impressed just because of the reasons you gave.
  8. https://www.macrumors.com/2020/06/29/rosetta-2-benchmarks-a12z-mac-mini/ In short: singel core 811, multi-core 2 781
  9. Let me finish your post for you: ”...tin foil hat stupid”
  10. I doubt that anything Intel has done (or in some instances didn’t do) forced Apples hand in this matter. What I do think is that Intels ”problems” just made the decision easier for Apple.
  11. Nope, it makes me feel confy. Like the Linux/Windows flamewars on computer forums back when I had a Linux machine. But the differens is this bashing is more about ”feels” and less about the actual tech
  12. Another point to the ”real work” argument, that makes it pointless is that all employers I have had so far has not made having a Mac an option. For my current job and all jobs I have had except for my previous job (where I needed programs that where only available for windows) I could have had a Mac since it runs all the programs I need (MS Office suite, AutoCAD, Mail, web, PDF etc). And this is the case for most of the workforce using computers. I’ve even offerd to pay for the computer myself but still get a no. The ”pro” and ”real work” discussion is just a moot point every time Apple positive and Apple negative people battle it out on the internet. I have a Mac for my homecomputer because I prefer macOS and it suits my needs of a home computer.
  13. But that task would still be possible to do in emulation. Or why not run a regular PC with Linux (because I guess thats possible because of the kinship to Unix). Also do the supercomputers they use really use x86 anyway?
  14. Since it’s claimed Rosetta only comes with a penalty of 4-10% (I have nothing to back this up, but for the argument let us assume it is true) why wouldn’t a well programed emulation software for a virtual machine be able to achieve this? Still a penalty, but 4-10% is hardly a deal braker, unless most of your workflow is in windows or linux for x86 but in that case why are you using a Mac?
  15. Sorry to pee on your parade. This news means you will not able to run virtualization trought Rosetta. It does not mean that companies like VMware or Paralells won’t be able to build virtulization of x86 trough emulation (at what performance penalty is a different discussion). Simply put; your old software won’t work, you will need new software once it is released.