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  1. I am looking for a way to mute/pause my spottily audio when someone talks on zoom?
  2. @wall03 what would you recommend kind of a poly bridge kind of game many
  3. overcooked didn't linus review dat one
  4. It was from an old server farm mabye mass wiped?
  5. tryed that did not work
  6. Intelxeon

    Best game

    Racing, flight sims, mincraft ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )
  7. Intelxeon

    Best game

    I am wondering what is the best free non vilont pc game.
  8. I would look on ebay I get mine from fastcodes
  9. I have a Cisco Catalyst 3750 from ebay. I can't configure the switch thought.
  10. Intelxeon


    Hello dose any one know were to get good servers for less then $100. (not Ebay or Cregslist)
  11. open media vault, windows 10 for minecraft (youtube to activate), youtube for raid