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  1. I don't know if this falls under the overclocking category or laptops in general, but I figured this would be a safe bet. I've recently installed Ryzen Controller on my laptop, a Lenovo Ideapad 14ARE05, due to an interest in tweaking with it just to see if I could get lower temps and/or better performance. But before I use it, I have to ask, could I potentially kill my laptop if I push the TDP too high? I figure that I would only really have to watch my temps because the voltages *shouldn't* change to my knowledge, but I wanted to be safe and ask the masses first.
  2. Okay, so if I were to make my laptop a dual-boot system with Ubuntu (or mint, something like that), and undervolt the system in linux, would the changes be persistent? i.e. if I were to boot back into windows afterward would the cpu stay undervolted or revert back to normal settings?
  3. So my new Lenovo came in today with the Ryzen7 4700u, and I'm trying to squeeze out as much performance with the least amount of heat and the longest possible lasting battery life. With that being said, I've looked into undervolting the system, because I've seen guides where this helps significantly, but upon downloading ThrottleStop, I've discovered that it is only compatible with Intel chips. Does anyone know of any other way that I could go about undervolting, or increasing my performance per watt?
  4. I have a sapphire nitro+ rx580 8g graphics card and I've recently been having issues with it. It was working just fine, getting frame rates that were what I was expecting in games for about the first month or so I've been using it, but just recently it started having problems with stuttering. On the windows 10 home screen, moving my mouse too fast or hovering over icons (Making the little blue box appear around them) makes the mouse stutter and teleport over to where it should be. Low impact games like Smite and CS:GO run buttery smooth, but just about every other game is unplayable at this point with all the stutters and frame rate drops. Also worth mentioning, whenever I try to watch YouTube videos at 480p, there's what feels like almost a full second of latency between when I hear the sound coming from my speakers or headphones and the frames actually updating to the point in the video where the sound actually happened. Not sure if these two problems are related in any way, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Thanks in advance!!