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  1. I feel like a kid at Christmas this is very nice of you all. Thank you the lists are super helpful. Just a general question Is there any benefit in waiting to January to see if prices drop or are they unlikely to change on computer parts?
  2. Thank you so much for putting that together. I'll have a look at the parts now!
  3. 1TB+ SSD I think would be about right for me, sorry forgot to address that. Thanks for the speedy reply!
  4. Hi all, Another excited December computer building noob begging for help. UK based. I'm looking to build a decent gaming computer to run games at 1080p with the monitor and a wireless network adaptor as the peripherals to include in this price point. Looking to be able to play a wide range of games on this system but the main games are Rocket League and Civ if that helps at all aha Basically upgrading because I've had a laptop for around 7 years now that was not built to last anywhere near the length of time that I've been using it, would like to go back to the tower computer life for the sake of finally getting beyond turn 170 on Civ 6 without my laptop fan heating the room by 5 degrees. Also want to use the computer for basic word processing for Uni but blah blah no more life story. Thanks for any help, I greatly appreciate it and hope to learn from your advice!