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  1. Its set in windows at 60hz and the monitor says it's at 60hz
  2. Whilst gaming on my benq rl2455hm i noticed 60fps didnt look smooth as it does on my other 60hz monitor and laptop screen, i've tried everything to make it look smooth but to no avail (vsync, triple buffering) any suggestions?
  3. I can't get a picture of the screen as I'm using the mobile version, it's the usual upgrading Windows's screen and it says copying files 79% at the bottom and 23% at the top, it's taking a long time to do the upgrade when I've had other devices do the upgrade in around 1-2 hours
  4. i received my msi ge60 2qd yesterday and put a few things on it, nothing much, a game or two, not overly big and I'm doing the windows 10 update and it's doing it rather sluggishly, it's been copying the files for the past 4 hours and is on 79%, is this usual for the upgrade?
  5. I don't have any other machines to try it on, any other solutions?
  6. So every Friday we have a cleaner and I came back to turn my PC on and it wasn't turning on, I tried using another mains socket but it didn't work, I tried using another power cable and I turned it on and it sparked and smoked, I've taken out my hard drive and gpu as they are my priorities to keep up and running, I know the psu obviously needs replacing but would I need a new motherboard, CPU, ram, hard drive and gpu in case they were damaged?
  7. So I recently did a hard drive wipe because I was having a few issues and after I wiped the issues came back, and now more frequent than ever, I boot my PC up now, and after 3 minutes or so it just completely stops me from doing anything, I can still move my mouse but no program's respond, so I am forced to force reboot my PC and when I do that I am greeted with the message "Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter" any advice on how to fix it? I can't afford a new hard drive currently as I have no money to spend as I've spent it on revision guides for my forthcoming exams
  8. I'm looking for a cherry mx red keyboard preferably not backlit, tenkeyless. I'm looking for something similar to the noppoo choc mini but with a UK layout and preferably $/£-100