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  1. I agree but in my experience with Dell for example (where i work they buy only Dell) is on a new laptop I can hear the capacitors "singing' make it very unpleasant; so they use very cheap parts and is not the best. the only way is to build a home pc with cheap components and use a tablet for the mobility with google remote gaming without any 3D rendering on the device. the end of laptop devices is already here.
  2. try to turn off G-synch or vsynch stuff from gpu panel
  3. Hello all, I explain what happen and i'll like to know what you think about: in late 2015 (october) i bought a Gigabyte P35v4 rebranded XMG from Germany, everything was fine until 2 month ago when i press the turn on button but suddently it keep resetting itself with black screen; I took it to a local repair shop but after few weeks they say no spare parts are available to fix it, then i write to XMG to ask if they can repair it, the answer was no because it's already in EOL, so i write to Gigabyte to know if there's a way to fix it and again no cause EOL. The point is that: the exact same model but with different cpu and gpu was sold until 2017 (P35 v6 https://www.gigabyte.com/Laptop/P35X-v6#kf) make the EOL few weeks after the end of the 2 years warranty. Do you think is acceptable that after the end of the warranty everything happen to the laptop mean that you have to trow it away? And i cannot believe they don't have any spare for that after few months they decide to EOL the series... I'm not a rich person (unfortunately) and I pay a lot for that (1800 bucks) because i was a big fan of Gigabyte and confident it will be a quality product to least 6 to 10 years (even with some repair). So my questions are: how long a product should be supported before EOL? is it acceptable to have no rights over an expensive product? is it acceptable for a company to promote to pollute the world just because the have to push new products? Actually I need a new laptop but I dunno how to know the EOL of it before i buy and for sure i would not buy another of that brand. We need to push those big companies to give 5 to 10 yrs of support on components before the EOL otherwise the brand have no meaning anymore and everyone should buy the cheapest chinese product available. I'm disappointed and frustrated to be fooled like that. Thank you for your attention Keep on with the great work you do Take care Eric