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  1. So a little update, I fixed it. I had Nvidia image sharpening turned on and apparently it doesn't agree with some software.
  2. It's a 1080 Ti. Got it about 2 months after they came out, so it's a couple years old. It doesn't do it in games or any other programs. So far it seems like it's only Streamlabs OBS and the Razer installer.
  3. So I noticed this effect happen earlier while installing Razer Synapse 3 for my new keyboard. It was there while going through the install and registration however the program itself is fine. And then I re-installed Streamlabs OBS after not using it for a long time and after a few seconds it looks like the picture and gets more and more distorted over time. It happens on both of my monitors and as soon as you move the window it goes back to normal for a few seconds and then this crazy effect happens. Any ideas?
  4. I guess I could move it up to Antartica and just use a mireless keyboard and mouse?
  5. So I recently embarked on a journey. The hardware in my PC isn't really worth upgrading yet, but I wanted to treat myself to some stuff for Christmas. So I decided to run a loop through my rig. I'd been swapping back and forth between air coolers and AIO's on my CPU for a while, however my GPU's haven't been on liquid in probably...6 or 7 years. My CPU on air with a mid-grade cooler like a Hyper 212 Evo I was seeing minimum temp's of around ~35C and under full load I would sit anywhere from ~68C to ~85C depending on the load. However, as soon as I started applying any type of overclock my temps would go up at high as 95C. Running a Noctua D15 seemed to be damn near identical to the temps I was getting on any of the 240/280mm AIO's I've owned. At idle, I'd see temps areound 23C and at load with a 4.9GHz (i7 7700K) overclock, I'd cap out at around 81C. Now as far as my video card is concerned, it's a 1080Ti Founders Edition and I'll be honest, the blower cooler on this GPU performed a lot better than I thought it would. With a +160 core and +350 memory overclock on this card, I would idle at around 35C and under the heaviest load I would cap out at around 82C with a pretty extreme fan curve. I didn't NEED to throw a loop in the rig, but I wanted to have the ability to expand down the road. So I started my trip down liquid road. That $350 budget includes an A250G kit from EK, a 360mm expansion radiator from EK, a delidding kit from Rockit and a tube or Conductonaut from Thermal Grizzly. Installation day was a bit of a pain in the butt. I had to modify my case a bit (really need to upgrade soon) and a lot of the installation was a VERY tight fit. For example, mounting the tubing on the top radiator was real tricky. However, it went pretty smooth. I'll be honest, EK's directions could absolutely be more detailed. I didn't need them really as I have experience with liquid but I skimmed through them and the bleeding process wasn't really covered at all which was disappointing as it's a pretty important step. Delidding the CPU was much easier than I expected as well. The 7700K is also a very easy chip to delid as there's really nothing on the top side of the chip you need to worry about shorting out. The Rockit tool is manufactured pretty damn well for the price point and it does it's job as intended. I took off the stock IHS, cleaned it, removed the silicone, applied the liquid metal and added an extremely thin layer of RTV to the IHS to keep it in place. The next time I go to take this IHS off it should pop right off without any force at all. I added just enough sealant to keep the IHS in place during installation. All in all, I spent around 4 hours installing everything and getting the PC back together. The biggest change obviously was on the GPU's end. My idle temps dropped to around 23C and at the heaviest load the highest temp I've seen is 53C. CPU temps also dropped a little bit, with all of the credit going to the delidding and liquid metal application. Liquid cooling is liquid cooling. Unless you're buying an absolutely trash AIO, you won't notice a difference between an AIO and an open loop. However, with the delidding I did see a drop of about 10C at load sitting at a cool ~60C and at idle around 23C. Was it worth it? Well, here's how I see it. You can buy a CPU AIO and as long as you keep the mounting hardware it should last you for quite a while, especially since most companies offer upgrade kits for newer sockets. Now whether or not the cold plate will fit the CPU properly is another story (looking at you Threadripper). Being able to drop GPU temps substantially is nice though. Is that worth $350? No, not really. However, for me, the biggest thing is convenience. If my AIO craps out, I have to tear out the entire thing and send it in for RMA or buy a replacement. With an open loop, you just have to replace whatever part went bad. If you can swing it, go for an open loop. If you're on a tight budget, just stick to air/AIO's.
  6. Finally got my loop completed today. Now...when I upgrade to a better case (still haven't decided which one) I'll be going for hard lines.
  7. If you need any help man feel free to ask. I'm pretty decent at wire tucking
  8. That actually looks really good. It looks like it'll fit both radiators in push/pull as well. That's a solid suggestion man thank you.
  9. I'm not too bothered with the material of the side panels. Glass looks really nice, but it's heavy as shit. I can go either way.
  10. So I'm currently running a Rosewill Cullinan. When I bought it it worked fine for what I needed but I've out grown it so I need to upgrade. I've spent hours upon hours browing around NewEgg and I still don't know what case I want, so I want to ask people that have hands on experience. I'm not picky, but I need for my 360mm radiator to fit, my 240mm radiator, preferably having the ability run both rads in push/pull. I'd also like to have a good size basement with plenty of space in the back/bottom for cable management. Currently, when I put the back glass on my Cullinan I feel like the glass it going to pop from all of the stuff in the back. Let me know what you guys suggest, preferably I don't want to spend a crazy amount of money, let me know what cases you recommend.
  11. Update #3? Today I installed my 360mm radiator at the top. Tubing is a complete mess but I'm cutting and running all new tubing at the end of the week when my vertical pump mount comes in and my 104mm reservoir tube. I've also got liquid metal coming in so I can finally get this 7700K's temperature's under control. All in all, I think it's coming along nicely. I MIGHT just run pull on the front radiator to get a little extra clearance for the reservoir but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.
  12. Back when I was a teenager I was a LANing across the country playing Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source, Unreal Tournament and Quake 4. I was an animal. I had professional Counter-Strike teams scouting me out. Now if I load up Counter-Strike I'm horrible. It's embarrassing. Am I the only one who's gaming ability degrades with time? I thought you were supposed to get better at these things with practice.
  13. Is your CPU overheating? Is there something else running in the background that's causing full load?