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About FoxiestSniper

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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    HP 657239-001
  • RAM
    20GB DDR3L 2133
  • GPU
    Intel HD 3000 (hopefully Upgrading soon
  • Case
    Hp Elite 6300
  • Storage
    2x 240GB Kingston SSD
  • PSU
    HP Elite 6300 PSU
  • Display(s)
    32 inch LG Gaming
  • Cooling
    Stock Heatsink, but with 4 aftermarket fans in case
  • Keyboard
    HP (only because I like the light keys)
  • Mouse
    Corsair Harpoon
  • Sound
    Corsair Gaming Void Pro RGB
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  • Laptop
    HP Elitebook 8460P
  1. To be perfectly honest though, ill just attempt using a regular pcie 16x riser, and a sata to 6pin adapter, at the most, my card will cause it to crash when i run anything demanding on it.
  2. @Slayer3032, I found that exact one you mentioned lol, so in theory, If i had that, a molex to sata adapter (because the psu doesnt have any other connectors except sata and the proprietary hp motherboard power connectors), and some jank vertical mounting system (just because I want to, that and its the easiest given how jank the inside of the case already is). It should in theory work perfectly fine?
  3. @Slayer3032 Hey, I just thought about what you said again, would something along the lines of this: https://www.amazon.com/6-Pack-Powered-Riser-Adapter-Extension/dp/B01N3UVJHM work?, because i believe (if i read it correctly) that it supplies the power to the card side PCIE connector, using a sata power adapter? Is that correct? or.....?
  4. @Otto_iii, the hp in question is an elite 6300sff, which comes with a 450 watt power supply, also, im not sure what you mean by "won't boot at all without a 6 or 8 pin", cause thats not what I said at all lol, I was simply asking (as in the title) If a gpu that has a 6pin, draws power from just the 6pin, which appears to not be the case, as others have mentioned, thanks though
  5. Thought so, @Jurrunio, just checked and confirmed that someone was able to draw 49 watts over the PCIE, so im confident it should work, If not, i can just lower the power limit of the card until it does work, im not entirely a heavy gamer, I use the PC for hosting gaming servers mainly, just wanted a proper card in there so i could game on it if I wanted to
  6. well if I have a 75 watt card that has 6pin, will it draw 50 watts from the 6pin if the pcie slot can only provide 25? @Jurrunio
  7. I was wondering this, because I have an old HP prebuilt (eww I know, but its the best I could do given my ultra limited budget), and I am looking for a graphics card to add to it, but there is a strict power limit on the PCIE connector of 25 watts or so, so I was wondering, if the variant of the RX 560 with the 6pin uses power only from the 6pin, or from the pcie as well?