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  1. it will most likely be GTX 760 the 4 gb windforce edition as it's at less than half it's original price used. thanks mate
  2. hey guys i was building a budget Pc and due to the prices here in Egypt a new graphics card is kinda freaking impossible to get too expensive so i decided to get a used one what should i look for when am buying it like on the hardware / and what software do i run after to check if it's working 100% fine - thanks in advance
  3. my friend's laptop windows bluescreened and it's an old laptop he had tons of work files on his desktop that he must recover all of it before installing a fresh copy of windows i plugged the hdd into the usb enclosure and connected it to my pc (the hdd had two partitions C and D) the D partition is showing as "F" can access it and it's fine while C partition is showing as "G" and i can't access it when ever i try it asks me to format it as it's corrupted,Anyway i can access it to recover the data that was on the desktop ? thanks in advance
  4. my father accidentally deleted all his work data from his Mac laptop and that's a huge problem do anyone know a good software i can use to restore those files doesn't matter how long it take
  5. i know i would just get a new laptop if i had the 500$ they asked for tbh well thanks anyway will see what i can do about it
  6. i did they were like we think it's the monitor "which it's not i tried it on another laptop" and it's probably the intel graphics card" $_$" and they were like it will be 250$ for monitor and 250$ for fixing the intel graphics card so i just left and came here for help
  7. so i have a toshiba l505 - es5018 a week ago after restarting the laptop my screen went black (the back light is on) and the laptop boots up but i get no image - i connected it to an external monitor and it's working fine but when i switch back to laptop monitor is just black. (Laptop monitor and connector are fine took them off and tested them) so i tried uninstalling display drivers and re-installing them and it worked the monitor worked but once i restart the laptop or shut it down - the black screen problems comes back after that every time i have to un-install and re-install the drivers for the monitor to work and sometimes i have to uninstall and reinstall like 5 times till it work where is the problem is it the graphics card ? (it's built-in intel graphics) Edit: i thought it might be a virus so i installed kaspersky and scanned but there were nothing / installed a new fresh copy of windows 7 still nothing.
  8. it's a couple hours late but to be honest it said till the 27th of September on the giveaway site then u guys said till 25th here.. which i didn't see till now hope this video still counts.
  9. vessel user name is Youssef Medhat https://www.facebook.com/YoussefMedhat196/posts/10153232247423200 https://twitter.com/YoussefMed196/status/580366224338599936 the two videos are the Gigabyte P34W Gaming Notebook video and Saitek X55 Rhino H.O.T.A.S. System - Fly Like a Pro 1)https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1 2)https://www.vessel.com/videos/fuPdK5xgs
  10. the 1100 V2 Computer Case cause of it's cool design with silent optimizations
  11. i first starting watching linusTechTips when u unboxed the mars II from asus really loved the why u unbox and review stuff and then ur second video to attach me to ur channel was when u was showing off the 64gb rams kit on a test bench and had a problem making windows detect them all and then it worked then it became just a daily thing to go open youtube check out ur new videos and then luke came in and u started a solo livestream then luke joinned then u made the fourm then moved it then moved it then moved it it was always fun watching how the channel and the LTT crew grow up and what i see for u in the future is to keep up what ur doing now expanding little by little enjoying ur work having a great team doing awesome coverage of all the events ces & pax and all the other ones and ofc. the wan show and luke's after party too thank you for the great/amazing hard work u have done. and for all the knowlage and awarness ur spreading on the internet and congratz for 1 million subscripers !!
  12. meh i move alot with them ( office - home - travling and so) they always die on my until i found ones with no volume controller heaven..
  13. a volume controller on the headset it self is fine but a volume controller on the wire is just stupid.
  14. died headset or a program that u can download and just press a button to mute ur mic ? cause eventually they will be the cause of the headset death
  15. yea my volume controller on my 1 week old headset works in the worng direction volume down is up and up is down
  16. As the title says why can't headsets companies understand that most of the headsets that die on us is because of this useless part(volume controler) they always add going all banana and just stop working.... -___-''
  17. my favorite thing about it is the signatures ofc and the IPS screen
  18. My favoraite parts about the review are the ( camera , replacable battery and ofc. the ability to add a sd card ! and all of the handy stuff u can edit on the phone setting)